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Cuthbert Allgood

Cuthbert Allgood's Journal
Cuthbert Allgood's Journal
January 17, 2018

Why the dearth of atheist politicians?

Here is what we know from surveys:
1. at least 10% of the population is atheist/agnostic
2. there is a strong correlation between level of education and not believing in god (calm down, I'm not arguing causation)

Given that there are upwards of 600 people in political positions in Washington DC, it would seem statistically that 60 of them would be atheists. And there should be more given the education levels of those people.

Yet there are fewer than a handful that openly identify as atheist. Why? I think it is political suicide to indicate that one is an atheist. So those that are (and there HAS to be that there are some) have to pass as believers. How does that add to the "see, religious people do great things" when that person may not actually be religious but just need to say they are to do the job they do?

January 3, 2018

Anyone making the move to trades over individual comics?

I'm starting to move that way. I'm going to have a few titles where I want the individual comics because I want to keep up with the story faster than the trades and because I really like the comic (Walking Dead, Thor). Additionally, I will grab some first issues of what seems to be hot to see if I like it enough to get the trades and in case it takes off.

But it just seems like the trades are a better deal and easier to store.

Or am I being crazy?

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