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Cuthbert Allgood

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Member since: Wed Jul 19, 2017, 10:36 AM
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OK, so saying Reid wasn't tell the truth was dividing the party but saying Wolf was bad isn't?

I don't get. Someone help me out here.

Michelle rode the line (like all good satarists do) and spoke an incredible amount of truth to power, but people here are doing all they can to bring her down. She did a great job. Brilliant satire.

Wolf told no lies. She said only truths. And, contrary to the current narrative, she did NOT insult SHS appearance (on the contrary she complimented her).

So, why aren't we applauding what she did?
Posted by Cuthbert Allgood | Mon Apr 30, 2018, 01:18 PM (18 replies)

Good News: FFRF win: N.J. Supreme Court upholds bar on funds to repair churches

A major court victory by the Freedom From Religion Foundation will save New Jersey taxpayers many millions of dollars by terminating an unconstitutional boondoggle.

The New Jersey Supreme Court, in a 7-0 decision today, upheld the state Constitution’s ban against taxpayer funds being used for “building or repairing any church or churches.” In Freedom From Religion Foundation v. Morris County, FFRF and member David Steketee filed suit in late 2015 against the county, challenging public grants of millions of tax dollars to repair or maintain churches. The state high court’s ruling corrected a lower court’s shocking refusal to apply the state Constitution’s plain command.

FFRF and Steketee originally protested more than $5.5 million in funding to churches since 2012 by the Historic Preservation Trust Fund. The lawsuit specifically challenged $1.04 million in allotments to Presbyterian Church in Morristown, which, in the words of the church, would allow “continued use by our congregation for worship services,” as well as disbursements to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church to ensure “continued safe public access to the church for worship.” All of the churches that received the grants have active congregations.

“This is not just a win for secular citizens, but for every New Jersey taxpayer,” explains FFRF constitutional attorney Andrew L. Seidel. “Governments in New Jersey cannot force Muslims to bankroll temples and yeshivas, compel Jews to subsidize Christian churches and Catholic schools, force Christians to fund mosques and madrassas or nonbelievers to support any religion. It’s a win for all.”

Full Article

We are lucky to have an organization like the FFRF.
Posted by Cuthbert Allgood | Thu Apr 19, 2018, 03:11 PM (10 replies)
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