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Profile Information

Name: Sabrine
Gender: Female
Home country: Belgium
Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 02:45 AM
Number of posts: 5,101

Journal Archives

Trump Vendetta : as long as it is against Obama...

Obsessed : Trump's greatest wish.


Pious wish...

The more he tries, the more he brings to light M. Barack Obama outstanding presidency.

Trump's world map

Alternative Healthcare

I didn't say he was a moron...


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Gunsmoke death cult

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Roy Moore and Trump

Military dialog

Weapons business

The salesman

American new style restrooms

Life in WH is like being in a Venezuelan jail ??

I have read in a French press article, the Trumps compared WH to a Venezuelan jail.

Did they really say that ?

I missed the new in English.

Is it true? So, kneeling is direspectul to the entire nation, the soldiers and the flag.

But having massive disdain for the most symbolic house in the country and for the men who lived there once, took part in building the country and made it seen as the Promised Land, is acceptable ??

If they really did say that, they just spitted to the face of their fellow citizens.

Have they hit the bottom or will they go down even more ?
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