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Name: Sabrine
Gender: Female
Home country: Belgium
Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 02:45 AM
Number of posts: 5,101

Journal Archives

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This morning headlines in the European press

I'm sorry, I kept copy the headlines and translating them but forgot to copy the links. It will be hard to review all to find the link. So, I'm only sharing the translated headlines.

As bloody as yesterday...

- An apprentice in the WH

- Don the troll

- A madman in the WH

- Trump : one year of noise, fury and setbacks

- Trump : the chronicle of a disaster foretold

- Trump one year later : an opportunist first of all

- WH, not so profitable business for Trump

- One year later : the worst of "Real Donald Trump" tweets

- What's up America : lazy president ?

And the same in almost all languages spoken in the EU.

Tonight headlines in the European press

Almost all newspapers are reviewing his first year in the Oval Office.

Headlines are bloody...

A sample :

L'Opinion (France)
Donald Trump, président des Etats-Unis et troll mondial sur Twitter
Donald Trump, president of the USA and worldwide troll on Twitter

Le Soir (Belgium)
Donald Trump, l’homme le plus inquiétant du monde: son année présidentielle en six éditos
Donald Trump, the scariest man in the world : His first year in Office in 6 editorials

Sud Ouest (France)
Donald Trump, l’an 1 : de "Amérique" à "zéro", son abécédaire-bilan
Donald Trump, year 1 : From "America" to "zero", his assessment

Rolling Stone (French version)
12 mois de Trump en 12 mensonges
12 months of Trump in 12 lies

Le Quotidien (Luxemburg)
Un an après son élection : la présidence agitée de Donald Trump
One year after his election : the rough presidency of Donald Trump

Le Parisien (France)
Donald Trump : sa première année comme président en sept photos improbables
Donald Trump : his first year in Office in 7 improbable photos

BFMtv (France)
Un an de hashtags #antiTrump
One year of hashtags #antiTrump

Un an à la Maison Blanche: six "trumperies" marquantes
One year in the White House : 6 remarquable "Trumperies" a pun mixing trump and" tromper" (to cheat) in this case, they refer to his lies.

Le Point (France)
Trump un an après : qu'a-t-il accompli ?
Trump, one year later : what did he accomplish ?

RFI (France)
Un an après son élection, le bilan chaotique de Donald Trump
One year after his election, his chaotic assessment

Le Telegramme (France)
Trump. Tapage, chaos et mensonges
Trump. Fuss, chaos and lies

La Libre (Belgium)
Un an après son élection, "Donald Trump n'est toujours pas devenu présidentiel"
One year after his election, "Donald Trump still not presidential"

Le Figaro (France)
Donald Trump : un an de fracas, peu de résultats
Donald Trump : one year of rattle, little results

Telerama (France)
Donald Trump, président des trolls
Donald Trump, trolls' president

L'avenir (Belgium)
Trump, 1 an après: «Félicitations à tous les pitoyables»
Trump, one year later : "Congratulations to all the deplorables"

1st cartoon covering election day

I'll never forget...

One year on from his election victory, Trump already left a mark in History

Headlines in French newspapers

I know many of you read French so here is a sample of today's press :

La LIBRE (Belgium) :
Les gouverneurs de Virginie et du New Jersey seront démocrates, un revers pour Donald Trump

RTBF (Belgian Radio and TV) :
USA: victoire d'une candidate trans à une élection locale en Virginie


Le Monde (France) :
Les démocrates rassurés après leur victoire en Virginie et dans le New Jersey

Huffington Post (French Edition) :
Gros revers pour Donald Trump dont les candidats à des élections locales ont été écrasés par les démocrates

Boursorama (financial French newspaper) :
Etats-Unis : trois défaites électorales pour Trump et les Républicains

And many other newspapers all around Europe, in all languages.

Trump reacts to voting results

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