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Profile Information

Name: Sabrine
Gender: Female
Home country: Belgium
Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 02:45 AM
Number of posts: 5,101

Journal Archives

Who will survive ?

Question : if Trump, Pence and Ryan are on a boat and it capsizes. Who Survives ?

Answer : America.

Toons from Europe, biggest inspiration comes from Trump (as usual...)

Last Christmas gift

Star of bitcoin

Christmas lesson

Jerusalem Gambit

Christmas in Bethlehem

Merry world Crisismas

Tweet indigestion

What a princess !

A peaceful Christmas and a peaceful New Year

Greetings from a cartoonist to his colleagues

Merry Christmas...

UN vote

Happy new year 2018

From "Trumptastic" to fantastic Obama

Link for the creepiest American family :


To a nice pic with a true Christmas spirit

Trumptastic Christmas spirit...

Each one in his corner on the phone...

A tree is for Christmas, a dog is for life

A company from Dublin gave 15% to a pet association for each christmas tree bought. They raised 700. The tree costs 60

Merry Christmas from Belgium to all my DU friends

Two doves : heartfelt wishes

May The ME find peace, despite the arsonists, wherever they come from.

Daily toons from Europe

Season's greetings

Agent Orange helps Donbas

The National Greed Chorus

Fuelling disaster

H. x- mas

128 dissidents

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas M. President (so called)

Trump's ambassador just got caught lying to the Dutch

I'm not a business man

Christmas : MAGA (make a gift away)

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