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Name: Sabrine
Gender: Female
Home country: Belgium
Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 02:45 AM
Number of posts: 5,101

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Nooo...Really ????

Truer than true

Trump LOSES It In Gloriously Misspelled Saturday Morning Panic Tweets

By John Prager on February 3, 2018 11:59 am ·

Donald Trump is apparently in the middle of a breakdown. On Saturday, President Stable Genius woke up to brag about his massive poll numbers on conservative-leaning pollster Rasmussen, which has him at 49% approval rating.


Unfortunately for The Donald, not only is he polling below Obama at this same time according to Rasmussen, but his actual numbers are much lower.

In fact, Rasmussen is the only pollster that says he is anywhere approaching 50 percent. Monmouth has him at 44 percent approval (48 percent disapproval), YouGov has him at 44/53 percent approval/disapproval, Reuters says Trump is at 44/53, and Gallup at 38/58. Even Fox News shows terrible numbers for Trump at 45 percent/53 percent.

But facts aren’t exactly important to Trump, who continued on to announce that the Republican-written (and altered) FISA memo “totally vindicates ‘Trump’ in probe.”

“But the Russian Witch Hunt goes on and on. Their [sic] was no Collusion and there was no Obstruction (the word now used because, after one year of looking endlessly and finding NOTHING, collusion is dead),” Trump added. “This is an American disgrace!


Yes, that we have a Russian-installed stooge who hires the “very best people” to ever plead guilty to criminal activity or find themselves under investigation for criminal activity is a disgrace — and the American people agree:



More here :

Trump's supporters in Europe

I avoid them in general, it is really exhaustive to argue with them.

But sometimes, I can't help myself. I answer them in the comment section of some newspapers.

This comment is made by someone pretending to be American...
I used Google translation, I'm too tired to do it myself (it looks OK)

Après une année entière d'insultes, de diffamations et de menaces contre ses équipes, sa famille et lui-même, le Président le plus fair-play, le plus doux, et le plus intelligent de l'histoire des États-Unis siffle gentiment la fin de la récré.
Le problème avec les manifs, c'est qu'il y a toujours des fins de manifs. Des éléments turbulents qui ne comprendront jamais que les manifs ne servent à rien d'autre que se défouler.
Il faut accepter qu'il n'y a pas d'affaire russe, pas d'impeachment, pas de victoire prochaine.
C'est comme ça, vous avez perdu.

After an entire year of insults, defamation and threats against his teams, his family and himself, the most fair-minded, sweetest, and most intelligent president in US history whistles sweetly the end of the recess.
The problem with the protests is that there are always ends of protests. Turbulent elements that will never understand that the demonstrations serve no purpose other than to let off steam.
We must accept that there is no Russian affair, no impeachment, no next victory.
That's how you lost.

I answered this :

Mais weed, mais weed...sûrement de la premium, pas moinsse
Vous oubliez de mentionner ses bonnes manières, sa courtoisie et son langage policé et délicat...

Sinon, ses propres avocats sont au taquet et préparent la base de Trump à une (très) possible inculpation...

Le fameux mémo sensé blanchir votre champion est un document rédigé par Nunes et changé par lui APRES le vote de la commission. Autrement dit, ça ne représente pas le travail de la dite commission. Et encore moins un document qui aurait valeur juridique. En tout cas, pas pour blanchir Trump. Par contre, Nunes risque d'avoir une sale suprise...
Le point présenté comme central, n'est en réalité qu'un "point de détail" comme dirait l'autre, et qui ne change rien au fond du dossier.
Le fin du fin, c'est que Trump flingue des responsables catalogués GOP et encore plus fun : nommés par lui Rosenstein, Sessions et Wray entre autres.

Votre bisounours ne s'est pas seulement tiré une balle dans le pied, il l'a copieusement arrosé à la kalach...

L'histoire l'a déjà bien prouvé, personne n'a survécu longtemps après avoir attaqué frontalement le FBI.

Hard to translate "Mais weed, mais weed" because I made a pun (mais oui, mais oui...) Maybe not the best translation but really, I can do better for know. If someone wants to help, he or she is very welcome

Mais weed, mais weed ... surely premium quality, no less
You forgot to mention his good manners, his courtesy and his polite and delicate language ...

Otherwise, his own lawyers are gently preparing Trump's base for a (very) possible indictment ...

The famous memo supposed to exonerate your idol is a document written by Nunes and changed by him AFTER the vote of the commission. In other words, it does not represent the work of the mentioned Commission. And even less a document that would have legal value. In any case, not to clearTrump. On the other hand, Nunes risks an unpleasant surprise ...
The point presented as central, is in fact only a "point of detail" as the other would say, and that does not change the bottom of the file.
The funniest part is that Trump is slamming people listed as Republicans and even more fun: named by him Rosenstein, Sessions and Wray among others.

Your teddy bear did not just shoot himself in the foot, he copiously sprinkled it with a kalachnikov ...

History has already proven that no one has survived long after attacking the FBI head-on.

It was an article in "Le Figaro".

If some of you are interested, just click on my nickname there (syrinx), you'll get my comments. I'm often ironic and sarcastic.


From Vladimir with love

The Nunes' memo mess reminds me of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner

The Coyote repeatedly attempts to catch the Road Runner by using elaborate plans.

But he's a perpetual looser...all his complex mechanisms backfire...

Exactly what's happening each time team Trump tries to discredit the Russia probe.

European press : ironic headlines about Nunes' memo

Ingérence russe : une note moins explosive que prévu...
Russia meddling : a memo less explosive than expected...

Autorisée par Trump, la publication d'un «mémo» explosif fait pschitt
Approved by Trump, the release of a memo supposed to be a bombshell, turned out to be a damp squib

Devin Nunes : une note "explosive" plutôt poussive...
Devin Nunes' memo : the "bombshell" looks a lot more like a flash in the pan...

Indeed : not a genius...

Devin Nunes : The return of the Orange Panther

One year later...

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