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Name: Sabrine
Gender: Female
Home country: Belgium
Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 02:45 AM
Number of posts: 5,101

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A few more Toughts & Prayers...


Was just briefed on the shooting at YouTube’s HQ in San Bruno, California. Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved. Thank you to our phenomenal Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders that are currently on the scene.

Excuse me Mr. President...

Latest Twittler nonsense (15 min)...



New standard to raise children :-)

Trumpery : definition (the word does really exist)

From Merriam-Webster :

Did You Know?

Trumpery derives from the Middle English trompery and ultimately from the Middle French tromper, meaning "to deceive." (You can see the meaning of this root reflected in the French phrase trompe-l'oeil-literally, "deceives the eye"-which in English refers to a style of painting with photographically realistic detail.) Trumpery first appeared in English in the mid-15th century with the meanings "deceit or fraud" (a sense that is now obsolete) and "worthless nonsense." Less than 100 years later, it was being applied to material objects of little or no value. The verb phrase trump up means "to concoct with the intent to deceive," but there is most likely no etymological connection between this phrase and trumpery.

trumpery was our Word of the Day on 11/21/2013.

No one has ever better deserved his name than Trump !

That face you make when you just wanted to...

Watch step-by-step how Trump gets hilariously lost in his own lying about approval ratings.

It is an old article but worthy and hilarious.

Mitchell Friedman
Oct 24, 2017@7:41 PM

Sometimes the president says something so truly baffling, you don't even know where to begin picking it apart. Thankfully, that's where Daniel Dale comes in, the Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star who recently took a Trump quote jam-packed with contradictions and calmly and carefully dissected them without losing his mind.

Here is a thread about Donald Trump getting hilariously lost in his own lying. 1/
— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) October 23, 2017

In a Facebook live video with conservative radio host Mike Gallagher in October, Trump cited a Rasmussen poll that he said had him at a 46% approval rating—it didn't. He then proceeded to invoke Obama's approval rating when he left office, which he said was 46%—it wasn't.

This is what Trump told radio host Mike Gallagher last week: 2/ pic.twitter.com/bkarQ5SWRe
— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) October 23, 2017

President Trump with Mike at the White House
Posted by Mike Gallagher on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Here's the entire baffling quote, and just be thankful that it's followed by a thorough analysis by an actual journalist. I couldn't make heads or tails of this monstrosity, but then again I also couldn't even be elected dog catcher in Tennessee.

"Then I see polls come out. We had one come out today. Rasmussen. Forty-seven. Forty-six or 47. And you know, 47, you can't lose. That's a very high number. In fact Obama got out at 46. I guess. So he was very popular, if you call that popular. I don't know why he was popular, but I guess he was popular."

Dale did the thinking on this one so you don't have to and it'll help your brain hurt less:

So Trump starts with a lie: that Rasmussen had his approval rating at 46% or 47% that day. He was actually at 41% that day. 3/
— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) October 23, 2017

Then Trump adds a second lie: that 47%, an approval rating he does not have, is an approval rating that makes re-election guaranteed. 4/
— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) October 23, 2017

He is not content with that. He must boast about his superiority to Obama. And this is where he loses control of his own nonsense. 5/
— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) October 23, 2017

He says...Obama left office with an approval rating lower than his own. "46%." This is a third lie. 6/
— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) October 23, 2017

In fact, Obama left with a much higher approval rating than Trump's imaginary 47%: Obama had 62% final approval in Rasmussen. 7/
— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) October 23, 2017

But anyway, Trump is stuck - he said Obama's approval was almost identical to his own! And he adds, scrambling, "So he was very popular." 8/
— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) October 23, 2017

More here :


Donald Trump made 16 false claims in that dizzying infrastructure speech

The U.S. president has now said 1,400 false things since his inauguration, an average of 3.2 per day.
By Daniel DaleWashington Bureau Chief
Mon., April 2, 2018

The U.S. president has now said 1,400 false things since his inauguration, an average of 3.2 per day.

Speaking in Ohio, President Donald Trump is threatening to "hold up" the trade agreement his administration just finalized with South Korea to provide more leverage for talks with North Korea. (The Associated Press)

WASHINGTON—U.S. President Donald Trump was supposed to give a speech on infrastructure. Instead, he took his audience on a dizzying ramble-journey that covered everything from the war in Syria to the sitcom Roseanne. And he was highly dishonest along the way.

Trump made 16 false claims during the Ohio address. He added five more over the course of the week for a total of 21.

He has made 1,400 false claims over the first 437 days of his presidency, an average of 3.2 per day.

Read more: Minute by minute at Donald Trump’s rambling Ohio ‘infrastructure’ speech

If Trump is a serial liar, why call this a list of “false claims,” not lies? The answer is that we can’t be sure that each and every one was intentional. In some cases, he may have been confused or ignorant. What we know, objectively, is that he was not telling the truth.

More here :


Please, fill in the blank


I'm a bit late for April's fool day, but...:-)))


“President Trump's approval rate among likely U.S. voters hit 50 percent on Monday, which puts him higher than former President Barack Obama's score at the same point into his first term, according to a new poll.”

President Trump has brought our country to economic and international dominance that the American People never thought possible
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