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Name: Sabrine
Gender: Female
Home country: Belgium
Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 02:45 AM
Number of posts: 5,101

Journal Archives

It delights me that...

Headlines from Europe

All headlines are +/- saying the same :

James Comey : Trump is morally unfit as President

Donald Trump, an inveterate liar with "mafia" behavior according to the former head of the FBI

James Comey denounces Donald Trump, more "Godfather" than President

Comey saw Clinton as president, Trump rose up against this "lunatic"

James Comey: "I could never have imagined comparing a US president to a mafia leader"

Will actress X Stormy Daniels trip Donald Trump?

In New York City, porn actress Stormy Daniels causes a riot in court

American Justice looks at Trump's lawyer "cases"

The "fixer" Michael Cohen investigated : a great concern for Trump

Trump's lawyer in court, a Fox News star embarrassed

Donald Trump's lawyer, high-risk hearing facing Stormy Daniels

US strikes in Syria reveal Donald Trump's contradictions

Remake of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", in the United States

Editorial cartoons from Europe

The most dangerous weapon

Trump's strategy explained

Macron is very excited

USS 45 morally unfit

Orient-Express (Macron-Poirot)

The happiest president of all time

Trump's diplomacy


Facebook stress

Freedom Syria

Trump's wall

Humpty Trumpty

Good wishes


It's me again...

One for all and all for one

Smart bomb

Oh ! See... A NostraTrumpAss....


Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem? We will see what happens!
05:18 - 16 avr. 2017

What did he say an hour ago ?

What the fixer who needs to be fixed aka Michael Cohen, is going to do and for whom ?

Do you still have any doubt of Trump being unhinged ?

A 2nd tweet, almost posted simultaneously, on a totally different subject...

How does is he go from Comey to the currency devaluation ?


Russia and China are playing the Currency Devaluation game as the U.S. keeps raising interest rates. Not acceptable!
05:31 - 16 avr. 2018

No wonder why serious lawyers decline to represent him...(the latest nonsense, less than15 min)


Comey drafted the Crooked Hillary exoneration long before he talked to her (lied in Congress to Senator G), then based his decisions on her poll numbers. Disgruntled, he, McCabe, and the others, committed many crimes!
05:25 - 16 avr. 2018

Is there any field where Trump is not wrong ?

Donald Trump's legacy should be... Absolutely right and should be applied worldwide

I have said it several times. We live in a globalized world, interconnected 7/24. We cannot allow anymore, someone to run for leading a country, without a minimum of prerequisites.

I'm sorry, not elegant, but hilarious

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