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Profile Information

Name: Sabrine
Gender: Female
Home country: Belgium
Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 02:45 AM
Number of posts: 5,101

Journal Archives

A lovely Christmas hug

Consolation prize...

Latest from Europe

Always steaming...

What consumer watchdog ?

Facebook repetition

Press freedom

Person of the year

Sen. Warren : Trump calls me Pocahontas because...

Do you think Trump knows Pocahontas is not a fictional character but a Native American?

Plus, she had no connection with the Navajos. She was from the Powhatan tribe, Algonquian ethnic.

The Navajo are related to Athabascan ethnic.

What had Pocahontas to do in a ceremony meant to honor Navajo's great contribution during WW II ?

Does he have an idea of the great diversity of ethnicities, cultures, and religions of the Native Americans ?

Sun Chief

The latest Trump's disgusting antics reminded me this book.

First time I read it, I was 14. I loved this book. Since, I have re-read it time to time with the same pleasure as the first time.

It is an autobiography of Hopi Chief Don C. Talayesva .

It is a very interesting (and very pleasant) book to read because it shows the Hopi society from inside.

The subject is the Hopi society but the book came to my mind because the Navajos live close the Hopis.

Birth certificate...

latest from European cartoonists

Persona non grata of the year

Sweet home Alabama

See Malia

Christmas market

US express deportation

Fiscal gate

Happy thanksgiving

Good night human rights

I need help

I'm not an English native speaker. Sometimes, I have problems to understand some words or some expressions.

Specifically these signs :

These are disturbing :

Dissect live babies ?

How do you peel a Congress ?

What are the other colors?

Is it a word salad ?

I thought English was already the official language ?

Who is Hugh and what have he done to "mistake America" (what does it mean?) ?

What mean STY ?

Is it in English ?

Silly but true : Trump created jobs !

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