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Profile Information

Name: Sabrine
Gender: Female
Home country: Belgium
Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 02:45 AM
Number of posts: 5,101

Journal Archives

The book of the year... sarcasm !

I usually keep a light tone, not this time 2

I can't even begin to formulate a coherent answer.

I'm stunned, raging, infinitely sad, deeply disgusted!

What is this hell that has vomited up this monstrosity, this absolute evil that defiles the White House? And who, by his behavior, his words, his ignorance, his greed, his robberies, his lies, his nauseating motivations, allowed to free the depraved instincts of his frustrated idiots of supporters!

Laufer just said that everything that orange rot did could be virtually undone?

Can you bring a dead man back to life? Whose only crime is not having the right color?

Will we be able to exchange the death of a young man, who still had so much to bring to the community, for the useless and evil life of the fool who killed him and who, for good measure, brags about it and rejoices??

I hold every republican responsible who by their compromise, their inexcusable and cynical tolerance of the intolerable, allowed the return of this mortal madness that was believed to have been contained in 1945!

I call them to the ballot box court in November, I sentence them to suffer with full force, without the slightest mitigating circumstance, the judgment of their fellow citizens, hostages of their total lack of empathy, integrity and humanity!

I usually keep a light tone, not this time. My tears run down by themselves

Is this the great America that the fuck*ing imbecile wants ?

I'm a veteran, and if you think I served so that football players...

Republican logic

Some do this...some do that...

A few cartoons from Europe and elsewhere

Make matches great again

Trade war with Europe

American slapstick

Trump trapped

Customer loyalty by Monsanto-Bayer

Barking dogs

Paris exit

Refugees at the Edge of the Earth

In dire straits

Pac Man: Middle East

The reality

Human rights these days

Yesterday, today, tomorrow...

Harvey Weinstein

Bursted dreams

Medal praecox

New coin of the WH

Cancelled / not cancelled


It ain't over till..

Autocracy in one swipe


The divorce

Off the rails and on the wrong track


Big question mark

Data protection

Mark Zuckerberg and Ms Europe

Trump's NRA

In God we Trust...

What we learn becomes a part of who we are

Breaking news...

Congratulations ?
What the right says: Congratulations! We conformed the first woman CIA director What anyone with half a brain says: did we really reward a war criminal with one of the highest positions in the US?


Kanye West Escapes

Monkey Business Trump

USAVision : The Toy

What is he talking about ? Not that I ever expected any common sense or, to the least, any sense...


Very good meetings with North Korea.

NY Daily News cover : The only Kim he could get...

A perfect depiction of Trump, by Paul Krugman in 2015

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