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Profile Information

Name: Sabrine
Gender: Female
Home country: Belgium
Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 02:45 AM
Number of posts: 5,101

Journal Archives

Unexpected global warming effect! A new Crocodilia species emerged... in Scotland

Space Farce One

Wrong Letter box...

Space Force official portrait

While an intergalactic neighbor has not even met yet, the diplomatic relations already have been thoroughly damaged...

The Oscar best actor goes... hilarious !

Cartoons from Europe. Missed them ? 🙂

Space Force

Space Force 2020

Game over

High striker

Burqa Mail Box

Meeting or not ?

Witch Hunt

No collusion

Blue bird

Grilled world

Lebron vs Trump

California is going to the Devil

foul ball

Brightest candle on the cake

Back and full ready to haunt DU again! 😍

After some vacation days, I'm back. Not very long nor far, just a few days on the seaside and another few days in France.

I had initially planned a weekend in London to visit my son who lives there, but we ended up in Dordogne.

Since my password is stored on my computer that I hadn't taken, I couldn't log on.

I made a Twitter account especially for Trump and his stupid supporters. Well, it was not very clear to me, but once I figured out how it works, it's convenient to keep updated.

I feel like Trump is getting pretty nervous... Could it be that Mueller starts to tickle him a lot?

Findings from Trump Voter Brain Study.

Almost unbelievable ! For once, I agree 20 billions times with Trump !

It seems to be a fake tweet. I couldn't find anything, even in the deleted tweets. Well, another thing to check next time before to post.

Editorial cartoons from Europe

Trump and Juncker meeting

Go Home !

Bannon in Europe

New solar system / Planet Trump

Greatest Twitter Commander of all Time


New American flag

Back to nationalism

Bannon's strategy

Bannon in Europe

American gigolo

The Trump Dump

Is This A Great Country Or What

Trump's world

Non happy-end for a love story!

Trump's policies : from liberty to poverty

Trump's unfortunate try

Trump vs Rouhani

Miss Spoke Contest 2018

Trump replaced Lincoln

Failures in history

Trade war with China

Fire and fury on Twitter


Mother of all tweets

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