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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
Number of posts: 4,886

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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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I'm from South Jersey and went to private Catholic High School where I met

my wife. This was about the same time period as Kavenaugh sexually assaulting women and was getting black out drunk. As a football player and at the center of the schools social scene, until I met the future wife, I saw quite a few coaches ďhooking upĒ with students at after game parties. It bothered me then and still does. Catholic Co-Ed high school in the Philadelphia-South Jersey region in the mid-70ís was a free for all. Drugs, alcohol, groups of male students grabbing and mauling female students in cars was common. Then you had teachers and students hooking up along with at least one catholic priest who was our theology teacher and golf coach was later charged with sexually assaulting a boy on the golf team during an away golf tournament. Iím not the most devout of Catholics but the priest who was charged was very charismatic and I admired the easy way he teaches theology remarking that the Bible isnít a history book but rather a tool to teach. What Iím getting at is this particular priest was the ďcool priestĒ kind of like Dean Martin demeanor and very easily seduced young, vulnerable boys, a real predator with a white collar.

I have a hunch that this will be one of many investigations Matty boy has to look forward to. Hmm? I

wonder why a congressman would vote against anti-sex trafficking legislation. Itís kind of like fisherman voting against laws to prohibit fishing. Republican projection on almost every front is like a natural phenomenon. Itís classic and covers a broad variety of subjects. Itís to the point that republicans are guilty of everything they accuse Dems of. So out there some where is a pizza joint where that Rs are running a child sex trafficking ring. And just imagine the scale of election fraud that Rs committed based upon how vociferous they claimed the Democrats stole of last election. Why Dems never put a private detective on Matty is beyond me. Just like big money R donor had a tail on Spitzer so should we resort to these tactics and take out the Mercers, Tucker, Murdochs, Bobo, Jordan, Meadows, Cruz, Lindsey etc. etc. Iím sure it wonít take that long to get the goods on these creeps.

I live outside Philly in South Jersey suburb and never waited more than 10-15 minutes to vote. To

all those who live in states who are trying to take away your vote, donít let them. The surest way to mobilize people to vote is to make it harder to vote. Heroís like Stacy Abrams can talk about that. I guess we can thank Rs for their brazen power grab eight after a presidential election, at least we have time to fight the law and prepare the electorate for these sick new voting laws. And unless we do something about SCOTUS these outrageous laws, I fear, will be upheld. SCOTUS has already made it clear that the States have the Constitutional authority to do pretty much whatever they want when it comes to running elections as sickening as that is.

Sure does feel like the bad guys keep getting richer, they don't care to hide the corruption, we

really are in big trouble. I say it all the time but until
we somehow deal with the scourge that is Fox we are stuck with a really shitty country. And with the structural imbalance caused by the electoral college we are stuck being ruled by the minority party. It really is deflating to think that anything that Biden does pass that helps has a good shot of being knocked out by a SCOTUS that is right there trying to own the libs.

First time I saw that segment. Stewart mentions something about how an administration couldn't

be more absurd or words to that affect. Little did Stewart, or any of us know, what was coming down the road. My kids saw me flipping out for 8 years of Bush and when Trump came along they accused me of crying ďwolfĒ. We thought Bush was the absolute worse president ever and his incompetence could never be match. Trump comes along and achieves a new low. Is it possible that in the future there could be a president worse than Trump? Literally, I cannot say one good thing about Trump as a president of a man. As flawed as ďWĒ was I never saw him as an inherently evil person. As a man I could see Bush was a decent man who was in way over his head and was lead around by the rw chicken hawks. At least at the end, Bush tried to move separate himself from Cheney and retained at least a modicum of decency as he sprinted out of office. From a historical perspective, Trump was the best thing that ever happened to George Bush.

I know DOJ isn't going to do anything even if there were elements of an offense and all trials

are public. My comment was more of an expression of aggravation that these traitors would nit face consequences for their actions rather than a suggestion. As a former prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney for over 30 years, the Trump years exposed how one immoral, lawless president could commit crimes in plain sight, destroy our institutions, create chaos worldwide and bust norms aided by a complicit Senate to the point of nearly destroying our Republic. Worse yet, the fundamental unfairness of our electoral system will guarantee that the ignorant minority will continue to rule over the majority of Americans who just want to live a better life. So yes you are correct they will not be tried for sedition but make no mistake, if Democratic lawmakers did what the Republicans did they for sure would be tried for sedition, regardless of the law. Is that in doubt? My goodness, they impeached Bill Clinton over a lie about sex. If Republicans and the lawyers who pushed these baseless claims over voter fraud are not held to account then they will do it again and maybe next time they will succeed.

Everyday is gonna be torture for him from now on. I know because he has tortured us for 4 years. We

had grand plans of all we would accomplish with Hillary especially with SCOTUS. Instead this evil man is like the plague. a parasite that consumes everything in its path eventually killing us all. Trump should rot in hell. I hope there is a rapture for Trump and all the evangelicals and Republican supporters will surely be trapped in purgatory for what they have inflicted on humanity and the earth. The destructiveness of Trump and the Republicans and the Christian Right is rapidly destroying everything that was great about this country. I fear our country is on a deep spiral downward that will continue unless we have brave and committed representatives start speaking out. As opportunistic as Rs are you would think a few would be moved to reject the right and join the Dems to het rid of McConnell who is truly worse than Trump. I mean come on Iím sure these Republican Senators if properly investigated are up to all kinds of illegal activity. Target a few, quietly investigate them and then lower the boom. Republican goon Langome put a tail on Spitzer and found out his dirty secret, we gotta do the same. On second thought, wasnít the esteemed former Sen from La. Vitter caught with a hooker and wearing a diaper and he was re-elected and his wife is now a federal judge with a lifetime appointment and rated unqualified. Good grief we are in trouble. Iím rambling, I know but I just canít believe where we are at as a country. Just imagine what our country would look like if Gore and Hillary had won. And now we are looking at 20-30 years of 6-3 SCOTUS who by the way I hear are looking to toss one of the most popular laws ever written the TCPA that stopped robocalls because of so called ďTextualismĒ. For Christís sake Iím now as depressed as Trump. But I will only feel better tomorrow and each day after that if Trump and Republicans are pursued relentlessly. Letís do it quietly but we gotta do it. Man would I love to Adam Shiff as special deputy to DOJ in charge of rooting out Trump and Republican crimes. That would make me happy again.

You are correct. My adult kids who hate Trump laugh at me when I say he is trying to sway red state

electors to go rogue. I told my kids four years ago dis you ever imagine we would be fighting to save our republic. Sure Laurence Tribe wrote how the Rs plan to cancel the Pa vote if Trump lost by claiming massive voter fraud. As I recall, Tribe ended the article by saying something to the effect that País Gov Wolfe has the last say and would not sign off on the plan. That rational was based on the assumption the SCOTUS would faithfully interpret the Pa. election law. Now I read articles that in some R states there is no consequence for voting against the will of the people. Very concerning that note Rs have not repudiated Trump. Even more crazy that once again Trump has the media focused on non-existent voter fraud than other more important issues. Trump is using Mark Levinís playbook and this needs to be exposed. The fight isnít over yet.

Absolutely. And that's what Trumper's don't understand. Their false sense of patriotism is rooted in

in ignorance an basic lack of understanding what constitutes a democracy and the basic freedoms granted by our constitution. 30 years of RW media has twisting and distorting their minds to think that liberals are the enemy, are some sort or communist cabal handed us Trump. Unless we can do something to course correct, or deal with RW propaganda the next guy like Trump with half a plan could really destroy our country. We need to plug up all the things we thought were norms that Trump pushed aside and codify them to so we donít get another Trump. All the things we thought were rules but werenít like the presidentís assets places in a blind trust. Thatís why I sure hope itís possible to win the Senate. Lastly, Trump and all those who profited must be held responsible for his actions. Furst thing would be an Executive Order preventing Trump and family making money on the Secret Service. Make Trump flip the bill for their caddies and rooms at his hotels.

it's a lie to get out of debates, distract, sympathy or resign. i don't buy it.

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