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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
Number of posts: 4,548

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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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Press harder Press. Speak louder! Don't let him push you around. Ask leading questions "Don't you

agree that your administration’s delay until mid-March in ordering supplies....”. Q. “By eliminating the Bush/Obama PREDICT program to help identify potential pandemic threats worldwide haven’t you crippled the United State’s ability to quickly identify and respond to potential pandemics”. Q. “Didn’t you waste valuable time and endanger the country by golfing and going to campaign events and tweeting for the last three months “. Q. By doing virtually nothing to help predict this pandemic, golding _____ times during the last 3 months, conducting campaign events and calling the pandemic a democratic hoax aren’t you responsible for the or rad of the virus and deaths to date”. Q. Isn’t it true that while Obama era pandemic experts who could greatly help are sitting home your appointment of Jared who has no experience in supply line logistics has caused many needless deaths and helped spread the disease? Q. Isn’t it true Jared is a real estate developer and has no experience in pandemic supply logistics? Q. Have you considered you and Pence resigning so that Nancy Pelosi can much more effectively run the country and the pandemic response?

Yep, no congressional oversight per signing statement to bill. Trump has stonewalled oversight at

every turn and it seems his wacko court picks with their “unitary executive “ bullshit beliefs will block any meaningful oversight. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some great rulings against Trump stonewalling on his tax returns and we have been told that these cases are stone cold winners, but we have yet to see a tax return and now SCOTUS will weigh in. I have zero faith SCOTUS will do the right thing and affirm the House’s inherent right at oversight. Donnie is salvaging at the thought of those “perfect” “beautiful “
Bailout checks. Just who in the government will tell him “no checks for you”. This will be the biggest heist of government money in the history of the world. When we Dems get control back imagine what we will inherit. I thought Obama had it bad but the next Dem president will face staggering deficits. Or, like Cheney said, deficits don’t matter.

I blame Dems, they should not have agreed to the corporate bailout. HuffPost was screaming

about this heist all day yesterday. It should have been a people bailout, and that’s all. How many times must we Dems get shit on until we learn. So Trump will become an actual billionaire now because of Covid. His checks are already being written. We are suckers !!

Your are like me in many ways but much more articulate. My wealthy sister and I had an argument

recently when I mentioned poor, African Americans who grow up in poverty with crime and violence in schools have it much more difficult than we middle class, well educated white folks. I was speaking to her from what I see while defending both poor Black men and women in criminal cases who constantly get profiled while driving and even shopping in stores. My sister and her husband, who are Trumpers, were incredulous, like no way, they have the same opportunities as we had to make it in America. The ignorance and arrogance is simply astounding. White privilege is a very definite aspect of our society which most whites people either deny or don’t understand. No All Americans do not have the same opportunities and start at very different places.

Kavenaugh must be impeached for lying about all the stuff we knew were lies. Example, The Renata

Club, Boof, blacked out drinking as a teen. A full and proper investigation needs to be done and he should be impeached and removed. If i lied and acted like he did at his confirmation I would be disbarred and locked up. This lifetime appointment for federal judges needs to be revamped as well.

Rotten Stinking SOB Republican Rat-F'ers. Fox is the problem. Murdochs are Mother-F'ers.

To all you rural dwellers and farmers in Wisconsin who vote for Trump again may your crops wither on the vine, and may you suffer drought at pestilence. And non-farming Trump voters, well may covid-19 make your life miserable. To all Trumpers, may plague and disease ravage your households because for the first time in my life I understand hate. To everyone else, I apologize for my ranting but Fox and Trump have ruined this country and it enrages me.

Evangelicals should be called Hypocriticals. I can't stand them.

This 'can't be prosecuted" bullshit has to stop.2020 Dem President must vigorously investigate and

charge yellows of Barr, Giuliani,McConnell, Chao....I like Warren’s truth commission or whatever she called it. No more looking forward to the future. Dems must dismantle the Republican Party and their right-wing media enablers I want to see Murdoch’s ass in front of Congressional hearings, and Hannity as well. Every Trump dirty deal must be uncovered starting with his tax returns and tax evasion schemes along with his corrupt kids especially Jared and Ivanka. Bankrupt these bastards 7 time. And start an investigation into Kavenaugh’s lies during his conformation hearing like the “Renata Club” and “Boof” which leads to his impeachment and removal. The first 100 days I want revenge. AND BARR especially!

Fox and Facebook have righties really worked up. My God loving brother-in-law is 70 years old,

wealthy, and angry as hell. I mean he is loaded financially and hate Democrats with a passion. He is like just wait until Trump goes after his enemies. Here is his text:
“ History doesn’t matter it’s all about now and he’s the right man for the right job at the right time he’s going to drain the swamp and his second term for sure going after all those assholes. They’re going to pay for what they did to it you’ll see”.

I mean he has 2 grown kids, a wife, 3 houses worth millions, about 25 expensive collectable cars and millions in the bank. I asked him , WTF are you so angry about? I asked him do You really want the President to use the police powers of the State to go after his political enemies like Hitler, Stalin etc? We need to not only win 2020 election but we need to deal with Fox and Facebook and others.

I love Warren. I want her to be President but I want to beat Trump first. I would love to see Biden

run for 1 term with Warren as VP and next Dem candidate in 2024. Biden to concentrate on foreign policy and Warren in Domestic. Or Biden/Warren 2020 and Warren/Biden as VP in 2024. It sounds crazy, I know, but it is certainly a change. I will support any Dem candidate but electability is the most important factor.
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