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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 11:03 AM
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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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Yea and you better bring extra underwear President Poopy Pants cause Mueller terrifies you.

Yea you dumb ass, while you are globe hopping selling out America, Bobby Mueller and his 13 angry patriots will quietly continue their investigation that will ultimately rip your asshole so wide a semi-tractor trailer could drive through it. So keep on tweeting you dim-witted douche bag cause pretty soon you will be exposed as the biggest criminal in American history. What will hurt you the most is the discovery that you sold out America for a few bucks because letís face it Despicable Don you are no billionaire. You are nothing but a two-bit con man who Bobby Mueller is going to expose for the world to see. You will go down in history as not only the worst president we have ever had but you will be exposed as the horrible human being we all know you are. Have fun on trips Donnie, cause Bobby will be waiting for you to return.

Disgusting is what it was. Truly repulsive acts by Israel and the USA.

The USA has lost its moral bearing. I thought the Bush years were bad but we are in a totally different situation now. Everyday we lose a little more of that which made us a once proud and noble country. It wonít be long before we are just another Turkey or Russia led by a strongman and a ruling class. If Dems donít win the midterms I fear the republic will be lost. I hate the republicans for what the have done and havenít done. I hope those people who support Trump nothing but ill-will and sincerely wish they lose their healthcare, jobs and suffer terrible misery under the weight of their Presidentís policies.

In terms of public opinion, this tragic and unnecessary response must diminish support for Israel

worldwide. Besides the human tragedy Israel will most undoubtedly pay a toll internationally. The shear disproportionate scale of the response juxtaposed with Ivanka and Jared who had no business representing the USA at such an event were an optics nightmare. While I support Israel and their plight for survival, I was angered at their utter lack of humanity and cruelty towards the protesters. Israel thinks they can indiscriminately kill Palestinians with impunity? It was a shocking and wholly unwarranted response. Israel was wrong and should be condemned for their actions. Itnis just another example of the United States under the immoral leadership of Trump has lost its bearing. I am ashamed of our country. I am sickened by the smiling Ivanka with her breathy voice and Jared The Dumb advancing his own personal political philosophy. Besides the fact that Jared has no security clearance, no special knowledge of regional affairs his personal family history with family members who were Holocaust victims/survivors makes it impossible for him to be a fair and objective arbiter of the Mideast conflict.

Use iPhone and have to log in every time. I push stay logged in button but doesn't work.suggestions?

I check DU throughout the day. I keep getting logged out and have to log back in next time I check DU. Any suggestions ? I select keep me logged in button.

Barack and Michelle Obamas portraits unveiled. Different I would say but not really my taste.

Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder. While I really donít care for Michelleís portrait, I would like to know what message the Artist was trying to convey. That is my personal opinion, and I am no one to criticize the artist. It looks washed out. Barackís a little better but kind of strange with flowers. Just looking for the artists interpretation and message their art conveyed. I do know that it was so nice to see Barack and Michelle who are the definition of class and dign

Rachel Brand of DOJ,next in line under Rosenstein resigns after 9 months on the job to work for

Walmart. Next in line Noel John Francisco a lawyer who worked with Don MacGahn, represented Bush along with Ted Cruz and John Roberts before the SC which gave Bush the presidency. Brand has incredible credentials but why did Walmart have to have her now after only 9 months at DOJ? Walmart got their tax cut now pay Trump back by making Brand an offer she couldnít refuse and paving the way for Trump to fire Rosenstein in have Francisco interefere with Mueller. Maddow was practically in tears and I want to vomit. Apparently, Ivanka is very close friends with Walmart execs.

Historians have theorized that a democracy could fall within a year while under attack.

For the past year our country and democratic institutions have been under the sustained and unrelenting attack from a tyrant aided and abetted by a right wing controlled congress and a media empire with vast resources. So far only the Judicial branch has opposed the Tyrant but how long will that last? Good people, when the time comes must unite and take a stand for justice and the rule of law. It must be so, for if it is not, chaos and lawlessness will prevail. Recall what some prominent historians have said, it takes about a year of undermining our institutions before rot starts to take hold and threatens a democracy. Should Trump and the republicans succeed in their continued pursuit of destroying democratic norms and long held established rules of governing, then why should anyone, any group or any state feel constrained by the rule of law? Will the Supreme Court when it is called upon to act abdicate its role as a check on the other 2 braches of government in favor of a Tyrant or will they shed their political leanings and restore the rule of law and save the Republic? I fear that these questions will soon need to be answered and we will indeed see if our country is strong enough to repel the forces of a Tyrant, a cuckolded legislature and a media empire bent on destroying the once sacred goodness and morality of a nation and its people.

Watch Netflix show Dirty Money episode 6 The Confidence Man for the real story of Trump the con

man dispelling any notion that he is a brilliant businessman. On the contrary, Trump started his so called business empire with millions of inherited from his father who was a savvy real estate developer. Enter Donald the P.T. Barnum of our day and watch as after some initial success with Trump Tower he went on a recklessness spending spree that costs both banks and individual investors hundreds of millions of dollars. Itís a worthwhile investment of 90 minutes of your time.

Dems have a strategy, lie down and get kicked in the gut.

Itís hard to keep supporting Dems who continually get trampled by republican thugs. Bill Clinton was the last Dem to stick it to the republican establishment. He took their best shot and frustrated them at every turn. Is there any dem with the spine and courage to fight these immoral and unprincipled, treasonous weasels? Franken was wrong to resign. Rís will turn it around on us. Dems have no shot with the current leadership. We need new blood to run the party, fighters who know how to get down in the mud and fight these vile creatures called republicans. I have no hope that 2018 will be any different. Trump could admit to being a racist, fascist dictator bent on world domination and the sacking of the Constitution and would still have the support of his base and republicans in Congress. And Dems will continue to naively take the high road and be the doormat of political parties. This is our reality so we better get accustomed to it.

Sure do need more reps like this to speak up and voice the courage of their convictions.

My original comment was geared more towards democratic reps and leaders publicly defending the party on msm. It just seems that the republicans dominate and stear the conversation. Itís nit all Dems fault, look at how spineless Chuck Todd cut Pelosi off at the knees recently on MTP. We need more spokes people like Howard Dean. Dems need to communicate their message in plain and simple language. I loved Obama, but most of the time he spoke over the head of most citizens. Dumb ass Trump as vile and distateful as he is, knows how to communicate his hideous, racist, fascist message so his supporters understand. We just need more passion and a simple and clear message that conveys our ideas.
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