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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
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While medical costs are a major cause for filing bankruptcy, the uptick I am seeing is

irresponsible lending the banks. Clients are trying to carry $60-$70k in credit card debit and their incomes simply aren’t sufficient to cover the minimum payments. Then they are car repair or unpaid missed week of work from disaster. I will see filing related to medical costs later on due to lay-offs or job loss and people lose their medical coverage. The main reasons for filing I see at the moment are divorce, job lose and over-extended credit. The cost of living in NJ is high and most people live paycheck to paycheck. Even higher income earners over $250 a year are having difficulty. Lastly, the cost of medical insurance is outrageous. Most decent family plans in NJ will cost about $2,300 a month. For people who aren’t on employer sponsored plans it’s like a mortgage payment. Middle class needs immediate tax relief. I pay $17,000 just in property taxes to the State of NJ but because of Trump’s tax plan can only deduct $10k. Sorry for rambling but the tax system is a sham.

Exile the bastard to his beloved Russia.

I agree there will be a backlash in 2020 but remember when Bush-Cheney lied us into a war and we

thought it was the end of the Republican Party? As long as Fox exists to support the Republican Party and as long as abortion, gay rights, and tax cuts for the rich are issues, the Republican Party will continue to win elections after 2020. To dismantle the Republican Party we must first marginalize Fox. So goes Fox so goes the Republican Party. Without Fox, Republicans are doomed.

Sadly you are correct. Ken Starr is still around spreading lies. Mueller, I suspect, didn't have the

vigor to go toe to toe with the Dotard. What a huge disappointment especially seeing what Barr is doing to the DOJ and the great of the country. How Mueller can sit by and watch Trump and Barr potentially malign and indict career officials like McCabe, Strock, Yates and so many others is beyond me. Mueller better be careful or Barr will drag his ass in front of a grand jury and throw him in prison. That's what happens when good people quietly sit by and watch our country be destroyed by bad actors from within. You better believe Trump is nagging Barr, about when he is going to indict Obama and Biden.

Wow look at all the horrible policies AOC is fighting for. Fox must be stopped.

You are correct. My 22 year old college educated son is a Trumper. I told him last night his views

don’t count in my house because he has no idea what is happening. Many young people today couldn’t answer basic civics questions. Young men see Trump as macho and want to emulate him because of his wealth and ability attract women. They have no clue how his policies, destruction of the regulatory system of our government, and how his federal court judicial appointments will effect their lives and their kids lives. But can I blame them? I was a Trump fan during the Apprentice years. I bought into his fiction of being a billionaire even though as a resident of NJ I saw him destroy Atlantic City with his gaudy, mismanaged casinos. It was only during the campaign that I realized that Trump was an ignorant fool who knows nothing. For young men Trumps appeal is understandable. When I was 19 years old I voted for Ronald Reagan and as a young man bought into the thought that the Dems were weak. After all Carter didn’t inspire confidence in our nation. As I grew older, went to college and law school, I realized that the Republican Party were nothing more than religious zealots who stood for nothing. As a lawyer I saw the Rs push Tort reform and bankruptcy reform two areas of law I specialize in. Bankruptcy reform under W was especially cruel, a big give away to the banks who wrote the law. Most people filing bankruptcy are hard working middle class people who suffered from either divorce, job loss or medical condition that wiped them out. 96% of my clients were ashamed to be filing bankruptcy and never thought they would. After Bankruptcy reform, the legal costs of bankruptcy increased and make filers jump through hoops before they can file. The biggest indignity is that before you can file a debtor must take a credit counseling course which informs people they can save money by turning off the lights and other idiotic suggestions. Funny how the banks who were bailed out and caused the Great Recession were never required to take such courses before lending huge some of money to people without verifying their income. Republicans have really fucked up this country. Sorry for rambling but it’s all so crazy.

The Murdoch's should not be able to show their face in public without public protest. Make their

life a living hell like they have made our life. I’m talking about all the Murdochs who should not be able to eat in a public restaurant in peace. They should be publicly harassed and tormented. Their faces should be splattered all over the internet and demonized like they have demonized progressives. I’m talking from Rupert on down to the youngest adult members of the family. Rupert could easily put a lid on the creature Fox if he wanted. Why should he live a peaceful life of luxury while Fox spreads hate and lies and divides us.

They surely are the biggest snowflakes. I am sick and tired people thinking the right is so tough.

They are just a bunch of followers who cannot think for themselves and are just cowards. Just look at the aka enabling hearing and his conduct. The biggest myth, outright is that the left is soft and the right is hard and tough. It’s just total bullshit.

In law school I learned very early on that almost anything can be interpreted or viewed from many

different perspectives. That’s what lawyers do and when necessary try and bend the law to fit their clients factual situation or, on occasion, try and set new precedents. However, the one of the very few indisputable, written in stone things we learn is that “shall”means “must”, not “maybe” but “must”. Practicing for over 30 years as a trial attorney, I am not intimidated by many things in court. However, a sitting Federal judge issuing a court order is not someone or something to be trifled with especially when the law says “shall”. Barr and the DOJ defy the federal judiciary at their own peril. I have gone toe to toe with federal judges but only when I had a legally reasonable argument. Trump’s lawyers should be ashamed of themselves making the absurd arguments they did and should be hauled in front of the ethics committee for lying about not having knowledge of the law as it applied to Clinton and Nixon and congressional oversight of the executive branch.

I don't know if Warren can beat Trump but she is the best prepared. If she isn't on the

Warren needs to be appointed to or a job needs to be created to allow her to implement many of her policies. Maybe something like “Take Down the Aristocracy Czar” or “Trust Buster Czar” and let her loose on Wall Street, Pharma, and the likes of Amazon, Google and Facebook. Imbue her with the regulatory authority to break these companies up and re-order our country. And now that norms and traditions are a thing of the past so it by executive order. Create seats on the federal judiciary
And clean house of all these crazy federal appointees of Trump like newly appointed federal judge Vitt. Warren can be today’s version of Theodore Roosevelt.
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