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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,545

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Just an observation

I've been seeing several anti-Bernie posts lately. I'm not a supporter of his, but is DU really the place to post so-called scandals about him and his family? Thought we all were united to elect a DEMOCRAT next time as a remedy to the awful tRump administration and it's leader. This is giving ammunition to the other side folks. A candidate is never perfect, but much better than what we have now. P.S. I know Bernie is an Independent mostly, but he is running in the Democratic primary.

Rant over!

The Merriest of Christmas and

Happy Holidays to all! A blessed day and a miracle. Our grandson has been in a coma since mid-October. This week he started to wake and last night, he called and was able to say Merry Christmas! Still a long way to go, but he's on his way back. The best gift ever!

SW Florida march

Hundreds in Ft Myers and hundreds in Naples. And this is a repub. stronghold!

Just finished A Warning by Anonymous (almost)

First eight or nine chapters were a rehash of all the awful things the tRumpeter has done and said. Good information for anyone not paying attention over the past few years. Should be read by Faux News fans, but won't be. Last chapter was full of the author's recommendations to stop him. Basically, don't impeach or invoke the 25th Amendment. Democrats need to put up a moderate candidate, no progressive need apply. Republicans should not renominate or a third party Savior is needed to save us all. Lots of Republican talking points. So why is this person remaining Anonymous? I think he/she wants to be that Savior and will put themselves up for election like the Lord coming down from heaven above! (sarcasm)
It's a setup folks and a creative way to gain attention! Stopped reading when the book entered this phase, btw. Don't buy it. Nothing new if you're been paying attention as a good Democrat. And full of Republican talking points against Democrats.

On this day, 61 years ago

The Our Lady of the Angels fire happened. 92 children and nuns perished. A sad day in Chicago.


Was going to post on Facebook

but didn't want to see the wrath of trumpers. Just an observation. This week our condo building is getting a new roof (Irma damage, finally!). I see ten or twelve Central Americans, up there, physically working on the hot Florida sun. They are here 11 hours every day! Never stopping or slacking off. Just working. These men are immigrants. Don't know their legal status not what they are paid. I admire their work ethic and know it can only contribute to the greatness of this country.

Just saw Gym

in a presser in Congress. He has a lovely "shiner" and cut over his left eye. Hummmm, bet it's a good story!

Bye, bye Mikey

Just what we need, another misogynistic billionaire in the Presidency!



Sunday Morning just gave Mr Ricketts a five minute free commercial to tout his company, protest Socialism and celebrate free markets. Now are they providing a progressive rebuttal? No! Sorry to see this nice quiet Sunday morning show turn right wing political. He's the guy who held the multi million dollar fundraiser Monday in Chicago! Another reason to be a White Sox fan


Tr umps plane in Chicago right now. No city or state or legislative officials greeting him at the bottom of the stairs. Just one unknown guy waiting to shake his hand!
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