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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 05:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,806

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Tr umps plane in Chicago right now. No city or state or legislative officials greeting him at the bottom of the stairs. Just one unknown guy waiting to shake his hand!

So far today

Huff Post, Salon, Twitter pundits and even jolly old Charlie Pierce have all told me that Joe Biden cannot, will not and should not be our candidate. So far today, many polls still show him leading amongst likely voters. I guess it's one of those "who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes" moments. Been there, done that with Hillary. Enough! Let's let the people decide, not cocktail party Washington pundits.

WGN News Chicago

Source: WGN News, Chicago

Just reported that Vice-president Pence's plane has been recalled to Washington. It was on route to New England for a speech. Nothing else.


Read more: Link to source

Just turned off Morning Joe

He first told Mike to "let him finish his sentence" and then proceeded to tell us all that Juanita Broderick credibly accused Clinton of rape and Democrats said and did nothing! I seem to remember she was checked out by the Special Council and it was determined she was not! Anyone else remember this? Grrrrrrr!

Changing from undecided

To Swallwell! He's actually is at the Homested Camp checking conditions!👍?can t figure how to change it on this page, sorry)


The tRump contingent is taking videos of the parading British troops with his cellphone from the balcony of Buckingham palace!

MSNBC what's up?

Why is Stephanie Rule letting Christie and Sessions go on and on apologizing for Trump? An entire half hour wasted listening to these two fools obfuscate and spin what's going on. And what the hell is the Salt Conference?

Check out Audible!

Just saw that Amazon Prime has downloaded the Muller Report to the Cloud on Audible. You can download it for free! As soon as Stephanie is over, I'm putting on my earbuds and listening. Can't wait!

Oh dear Pete

How can we vote for someone who disses our last Democratic candidate, who received 3 million more votes than the winning one? And who doesn't believe we are a great country, despite our recognized problems. Sorry that's a fatal flaw!

I feel the same

way I did on Election night when he was declared the winner. This is not right!
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