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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,414

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Mika was on her high horse today

Just saw a MornJoe segment with Craig Melvin interviewing Bill Clinton and James Patterson. A tough combative interview about the Lewinsky scandal instead of a book they wrote. At it's end, Mika was so very enraged and stated Clinton is responsible for Donald Trump's presidency! Come on Mika, 20 years is a long time ago.

Melinia is on tv

Spewing pablum and nonsence. Be Best!

Anyone else find it odd

that on March 1, Exxon pulls out of the stalled oil deal with Russia and on March 13, Rex Tillerson is gone?


Anyone else

Wondering where our First Lady is during this time of crisis featuring children? A no show yesterday and it was held "downstairs". Michelle would have been right there comforting those poor people

Perhaps the Democratic Party

should have a mass outreach to high school seniors in the nation and register them to vote? And encourage them to vote in the fall. These kids are mad, involved and ready for a fight! The only way to change this toxic atmosphere.

Idiot in Chief

Allegedly talkingg about infrastructure, but rambling all over the place bragging about his "accomplishments"

Thanks for the hearts

Having surgery this week and you lovely folks are making me smile

Anyone else have this problem?

Saturday night I searched on all stations and could NOT find the hurricane fundraiser. I read that it was carried on CBS affiliates. But no where in the Chicago was it carried. They had NCIS reruns. Did I miss something?

Anyone else noticing

a trend I'm seeing. Right wing friends post something pro Trump on social media, and when I respond and disagree, I'm suddenly the one who makes the internet too political! OK to post a right wing talking point, but not OK to respond

Just noticed on tv

The Trump motorcade has completely blocked any entry into the Emergency room of Law Vegas hospital where he's going to visit wounded. Sure hope no one has a heart attack and tried to get in while Donny's there.
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