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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,402

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Its working folks

Slowly, but surely. I had two adult grandchildren who refused vaccination even though other family members were vulnerable. Today, I learned they both got their first shot! Why? Because they'd lose their jobs!!!!! Getting people in their pocketbooks is working. Yea!

Haven't watched Meet The Press

in years. Just turned on TV for flood news and ole Chuck Todd actually said, " that's it for today. Lots of problems today. Let's hope we can find leadership to handle it!". What????? Damn him. Did he watch the President's earlier news conference at all? Think I'll watch Lottery Dream Home now. LOL.

So Nicole Wallace

and the Pentagon reporter have entered into a long conversation about the palpable despair there over our withdrawal from Afghanistan. Gee why didn't they say anything when rtump signed that treaty with the Taliban over a year ago, or when he turned his back on all those Kurds? Didn't our military care then?

A great day

Last week, we lost my sister. She was of advanced age with dementia. Sad and we'll miss her. But this morning, my grandson called to tell me the wonderful news that he and his wife have welcomed a new baby girl into the world! The circle of life!

NBC reporting

that NCH, largest healthcare system in Collier County has no icu beds available.

Found while getting away

from the cable news b.S. "Shock and Awe". On Amazon Prime. Story of how we got into Iraq and the lies we were told. Excellent cast. Highly recommended.

Engel on MSNBC

now whining and wringing his hands about how much were not doing for Afghanistan. Unwatchable!

Morning musings

Just wondering. Is it summer programming, or do Joe and Mike seem to be keeping away from each other? She's on one day, he's on another. I'd imagine Joe would be a difficult spouse

Just received a video

from family in Newton Co. Ga. School started a week ago. By Friday afternoon, 80 students tested positive. They are now instituting mask wearing! Looks like the family reunion in September is off. Damn!

Just ended an online conversation

with an anti vaxer who badgered my niece on FB after she posted a got vaxed photo. She went on and on about all the people she knew who suffered horrendous illness from the vaccine. Now I've lived a long time, know many people and have a large family. Not one of them suffered any serious reactions. Anyone know a good comeback to say to these fools?
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