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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,402

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This crap is getting me pissed

Being so careful. Fully vaccinated and staying home for 18 months. Decided today to go to a nearby restaurant/bar for lunch after a troubling doctor visit. While eating our lunch, the only other patron, drunk as a skunk, came over to chat. Wouldn't take the hint to leave and had us virtually trapped in our seats. Wanted to tell us about the Right to Life Rally he'd flown to last weekend. Were in Florida! So now WE have to isolate and be afraid and nervous for the next week. This fool will go home and sleep it off and go merrily on his way. Life in the time of pandemic is so very frustrating! Damn!!!!! Thank you for permitting my rant.

Surprise, Surprise

CNN just reported Covid infections have gone up 97% since last week! Now when was the July 4th weekend?

Something in the water in Florida

Now Collier County wants to negate any Federal law they don't like. Think this was tried in 1860 and didn't turn out so well then. They want to declare "Bill of Rights Sanctuary County"!


Principal who paddled kindergartener

in Florida now suing mother of the child for videoing her
These people are monsters!


Hendry County principalís attorney speaks for first time about paddling controversy
For the first time, weíre hearing from the attorney of a Clewiston school principal seen paddling a child as punishment.

The video of the paddling was first brought to light by WINK News in late April and gained international attention.

Corporal punishment is legal in Florida, but state law leaves it up to each county to decide. The Hendry County School District banned the practice in 2016.

On Friday, we explained that Melissa Carter, the principal of Central Elementary School, filed a complaint saying the childís mother illegally recorded the spanking, but the studentís family lawyer said itís legal.

About that new book

Zero Fail by Leonning. I'm In the middle of it. A pretty good gossipy read til the middle. The author seems to absolutely hate the Clintons, especially Hillary. She goes into great detail to rehash the President's womanizing and describes Hillary as extremely cold and calculating. Even Chelsea isn't spared. Readers are treated to sordid details over and over. Much more than her previous writing about other presidents and their families. No mention of Reagan's dementia, and she bubbles over how wonderful Barbara Bush treated the SS. She was described as grandmotherly! Can't wait for the Trump section. The author so far, has been a pro Republican apologist. I give it ***.

Anyone else

see MoJo this a.m. where he had a doc on who said we no longer need to mask up if vaccinated and outside. Joe and Mika enthusiastically agreed! What the hell????

Florida passes anti professor bill

Now awaiting DieSantis' signature. Chilling!


So the military types

on Deadline Washington don't like Biden's troop withdrawal plan in Afghanistan. They've had 20 years to fix things. Failed and want to keep the money Rollin in for the Afganees. Why the hell has our country neglected our infrastructure for 20 years? Enough! Keep our money home to work for us!

Got a haircut today!

First in a very long time. Vaccine has kicked in and feeling safer. And then actually went into the grocery store. Wow, what a feeling of freedom and normalcy. (almost) Thanks Joe!

How does an Irishman

celebrate on March 17? They watch their recovery check hit their bank account! Checked with IRS website. They promised. Thank you Joe Biden and the Democrats!
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