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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,414

Journal Archives

How does an Irishman

celebrate on March 17? They watch their recovery check hit their bank account! Checked with IRS website. They promised. Thank you Joe Biden and the Democrats!

Day 3 Moderna

Second shot hit me yesterday. Chills, fever aches, the whole deal! Better today, just a brain fog and hot flashes, no energy. Totally worth it though. Thank you Joe! Look out grandkids, here come Grammy and Papa!

I read my

old hometown news on line. Corrupt politicians everywhere.

60 Minutes

Torture porn! I know its horrendous, but must you present it into our living rooms? Awful and disturbing with no warning.

Just a bone to pick

It seems there's a new rush to form premium streaming channels lately. Payment extra, of course. Looks like they are putting their popular shows there and only showing reruns on their cable stations that we already pay for. Dang, can't they give viewers a break during the pandemic! Feeling like a rip off is in play.

Happy Valentine's Day

And a huge Thank You to those who graciously gave me a heart. Much appreciated.

Just made a promise

to myself. Never going to write his name again or read anything about him and his spawn! Lets go Joe!

A curious ad

Has popped up on my DU pages. I keep getting an ad for custom t-shirts that have my actual last name on them. This is an anonymous site. Why is this happening?

Who in the hell is

James Wilson?

. James Wilson was unloved by the people, who thought him a wealthy, anti-democratic aristocrat, yet as a framer of the Constitution he championed the rights of the common man. A preeminent legal scholar, he was three times passed over for appointment as chief justice of the Supreme Court. One of the best educated and most energetic men of his time, he spent his last years a debtor, hunted, in his words, “like a wild beast” by anxious creditors. James Wilson’s life was filled with contradictions, but it was, above all else, a life devoted to the law and to the new American republic.

Hearts keep coming

Thank you so very much!
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