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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,414

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Every woman in America

Will see tRump for what he is, an abuser! I feel assaulted tonight.


"I don't want to pay taxes"

Anyone else

starting to get angry with all the visuals we're getting showing crowded bars and beaches and Young people partying and no one wearing masks? Between tv and my own beloved adult grandchildren's FB and Instagram postings, I'm pissed! We've been in isolation since February, trying to stay well, while so many just don't give a dang about getting rid of this virus. Senior lament. Prisoners in our own homes while so many ignore the virus and us! End of rant. Thank you.

Wondering if DUrs

are experiencing a shortage of medications? Last week, hubby's provider delayed sending his regular mail order one because it was out of stock. Yesterday, after an ER visit and a new much needed new prescription, we had to check all over SW Florida to finally find it miles away. Is the rtump's China tariff policy causing important medication shortage? Dang that man!

On CNN now

Why is Ca Gov. Praising tRump re wildfire response?

He is making a fool of himself

Reciting tRumps greatest hits over and over! Mental illness on display.

Another brick in the wall



I haven't forgotten

That tRump's sister, herself, was forced to resign her federal judgeship recently so that she wouldn't be investigated for tax fraud. These people are all evil.

They're going nuts!

This garbage appeared on a FB page I saw. These folks are desperate! Reminds me of a screaming toddler.

"Kamala touts herself to be African American 😠 What a fake. She is as African as Pocahontas Warren was Apache. Kamala’s dad is Jamaican and his dad was a Jamaican slave owner. Her mother is a Caucasian from India. Call Kamala “Jar Jar Binks”- the Jamaican character in Star Wars. Neither of her parents were a US citizen at the time of her birth. Thus she may be a so-called “anchor baby” which, some would argue disqualifies her to become president. If Biden dies, the presidency may go to speaker of the house: Pelosi."

none of this makes any sense at all.

"It's probably treason"

He just accused Obama at his press conference. OMG!
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