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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
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Anyone else have this problem?

Saturday night I searched on all stations and could NOT find the hurricane fundraiser. I read that it was carried on CBS affiliates. But no where in the Chicago was it carried. They had NCIS reruns. Did I miss something?

Anyone else noticing

a trend I'm seeing. Right wing friends post something pro Trump on social media, and when I respond and disagree, I'm suddenly the one who makes the internet too political! OK to post a right wing talking point, but not OK to respond

Just noticed on tv

The Trump motorcade has completely blocked any entry into the Emergency room of Law Vegas hospital where he's going to visit wounded. Sure hope no one has a heart attack and tried to get in while Donny's there.

Hurricane information

Thanks to all for your kind wishes after my last post. Babies doing well in the neonatal unit. I just discovered a good source of current information on hurricane damage. If you have a ROKU device, you can download Channel 4 from Ft Myers. Round the clock damage updates. It's Fox, I know, but at least it's a source. Hope to find out the fate of my place soon.

My Florida. house will probably be gone tomorrow from Irma

But today my granddaughter gave birth to healthy twin boys! Kind of puts things in perspective! Happy!

Need techie help

Our condo currently has xfinity internet as part of our fees. The board wants to change to Hotwire communications. Our current plan has 2.4 GBz/5GBz. The new one promises 100MB. Totally unschooled on these tech terms, so should I protest or will it be ok? Thank you
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