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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,402

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

to all DUrs! I'm going to forget about politics for the next 48hours and concentrate on the Season. Not letting the Administration ruin this time of year. Cheers everybody

After watching the Sunday Shows today

I propose all left leaning commentators start referring to Republicans as Repubs. Just to counter all of the other side's use of Democrat instead of Democratic. A small point that drives me crazy!

Art imitates life

Just turned on Criminal Minds. Story with a bone saw, a man and music playing as he gets sawed up

Does anyone else think

that The Don was so displeased when he was laughed at in the U.N. that he forced Haley to quit? He does not like to be laughed at!

Noticing an interesting phenomenon

The rw folks on my FB page now have everything they want. BUT, they still are so angry and ready to argue and fight with anyone who disagrees with what's happening in DC. Almost like they feel desperate and fearful! Yeah! I now just ridicule them. So much fun

As another observation

on the hearings......why can't they at least provide Dr Ford a glass for her coke? She has to swig it out of a large bottle! Another attempt at degrading her, methinks.

Lanny Davis just announced

They've set up a gofund me type of website. He wants us all to donate to "help Cohen tell the truth". Hurry up and shell out your hard earned money for the millionaire crook and fixer.

Larry Kudlow

was on CBS this morning. He was pretty much out of control and hysterical. But the worst thing he said was to give advanced notice of what the latest GDP numbers that are to be released on Friday will be! Now all his buddies in the markets can trade based on advanced information. That's a big no no, Larry!

Hey everyone

Somehow I failed to get the message about where to report! The July 4th War will have to go on without me, I guess. Better chill that pinot grigio after all!

Anyone else

get a message about Pres. Obama giving 2500 Iranians US citizenship as part of Iranian agreement? Can only find any mention on far right wing sites. Likely just same ole b.s.
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