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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
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Watched A TV show

this weekend on A&E about John Gotti. Didn't know his first lawyer was Roy Cohn. Also Gotti Jr. was sent away to military school. They reported lots of the mobsters sent their sons there. AND, ta, da! It was the same school as rTumpster went to! Lots of coincidences. Check it out.

Trouble with the nets today?

Coincidence or not, but xfinity is very slow today. Keeps dropping Tune In and FB is really slow. Net neutrality or not?

Mika was on her high horse today

Just saw a MornJoe segment with Craig Melvin interviewing Bill Clinton and James Patterson. A tough combative interview about the Lewinsky scandal instead of a book they wrote. At it's end, Mika was so very enraged and stated Clinton is responsible for Donald Trump's presidency! Come on Mika, 20 years is a long time ago.
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