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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
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Any good psychiatrists out there?

For years, I've been tolerating some long distance relatives who are vocally republican. They send me all kinds of anti Obama, Hillary, whatever on a regular basis. I amused myself by proving their false claims wrong. Light political banter. In the past week, three of them attacked me, told me not to contact them again and generally dissed me. Another told me I have no sense of humor. My retorts weren't any different than those I did through the years. Not nasty nor belittling to them personally. Just humorous, I thought. What do you think is happening with these folks? Sad I'm losing some old FB folks, but I'm happier without them.

I see by the discussion

on Morning Joe this morning, that Mitt Romney is the new GOP "Savior"! And all because he had the stones to write something negative about the Dumpster. Haven't we seen this before, Mika when you and Joe gave so much free airtime to the current idiot in the office?
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