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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,416

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Has anyone

ever seen any photos of the Trump children and grandchildren together and enjoying the joyous Holiday season? Any pics around the Christmas tree? Lovingly passing out gifts?

OK folks, is this a trend?

Idiot DeSantis trying to kill more Floridians!


A. Sad day in Chicago history

I was the age of these kids. It was a horror. 12/01/1958


Looks like Ole Joe Scarborough is reverting

back to his rightie self now the election is over. Turned him off years ago during Obama Administration. Too much conservative ranting. Back on when he was so against rtump. Today he's back at it again. Said refugees come to America to escape big government. Sigh.......glad my Audible subscription is up to date. Bye Joe, have a nice life.


To all DUer Vets out there! Thank you

I keep forgetting

that if Joe wins, we'll have our very first woman Vice President! History is upon us, I hope.

Despite Desantis

Collier County extends mask mandate until April, 2021! Well Done!


Hubby controlled the tv

while I was making dinner. NBC nightly news was on. The actually had a five minute segment about Suburban moms joining Qanon! Interviewed two idiots who are true believers. Isn't there anything else going on?

Well it looks like

NBC and Comcast have come down on its talent this morning. Monday on Morning Joe it was all about how the race was virtually over and Biden is winning. Today, after the network booked The Donald tonight, they are all talking about how close the race is.

These guys are nuts!

Just posted a simple question on FB asking how Melanie Trump was doing with her Covid diagnosis. I was bombarded with dUmpsters assaulting my concern and how unfairly she's been treated. A tad defendive, methinks.
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