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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
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Oh Lord

He's on tv from Davos saying, "I'm honest"! Bitchin about the hearings, not understanding the process was about procedures, not the actual trisl!

As much as my heart goes out to her

I find Evelyn Yang's sexual assault story is strange. Why now? Just as her husband is running for president. Torn by this. Anyone else?

Old enough to remember

at times of U.S. crisis, it's media who changed hearts and minds. Edward R. Morrow finally spoke out against McCarthyism, and it went away. Walter Cronkite decried the unending war in Vietnam, and protest became mainstream. Now Rachel Maddow has again spoken truth to power.. Thank you Ms Maddow, you just might have saved our Republic!

So now

a major sporting event becomes a tRump rally! I want my taxes back!
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