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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 04:43 PM
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Forget Cry Macho

Had a chance to see Clint Eastwood's newest movie. It has to be the worst cinematic effort I've seen in a very long time! Poor (and crazy Republican) Clint looks already embalmed as he shuffles his way through a really stupid script and atrocious acting by everyone. Scene that evokes the most laughter was the one where the fabulously rich, sultry, sexy beautiful young woman invites the corpse that is Eastwood into her bed. Watched it for old time's sake. Turned it off for all the reasons Clint Eastwood is a fool. Anything for a buck, I guess.

Anyone watching Ryder Cup

on TV? Hubby watching and the American team fans are an embarrassment. Yelling noisily, booing when European players approach the tee and looking drunker by the hour. What happened to the Gentlemen's game?

One more indignity

for Floridians:

"Ron Desantis today appoints UCLA professor Joseph Ladapo as FLs new Surgeon General. He goes across the country to bring in an anti-mask, anti-vaccine guy who is required to start every interview with my views are my own and not those of UCLA. https://t.co/wayDqmP2R0

We received our booster yesterday

We didn't actually qualify according to CDC guidelines, but are older with several co-morbidies. But I read in local paper that few were going for boosters and a large supply of vaccine was available. So took a chance and went on line for an appointment. I answered all questions truthfully and was immediately given an appointment the same day. No problem, got right in and got the shot! Amazing and easy. Apparently they are allowing for age. Thank goodness and feel great.

Its working folks

Slowly, but surely. I had two adult grandchildren who refused vaccination even though other family members were vulnerable. Today, I learned they both got their first shot! Why? Because they'd lose their jobs!!!!! Getting people in their pocketbooks is working. Yea!

Haven't watched Meet The Press

in years. Just turned on TV for flood news and ole Chuck Todd actually said, " that's it for today. Lots of problems today. Let's hope we can find leadership to handle it!". What????? Damn him. Did he watch the President's earlier news conference at all? Think I'll watch Lottery Dream Home now. LOL.
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