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nocoincidences's Journal
nocoincidences's Journal
July 24, 2018

I just wanted a glass of tea

So I went to the fridge, poured one, and emptied the pitcher. Time to make more tea.

I go to my family tea bag container and it is empty.

I go to the pantry and get the box of tea bags which I empty into the kitchen container. Now I have an empty tea bag box.

I go to the recyclable trash can to throw it away. That trash can is completely (over)filled.

I remove the plastic bag, and tie it up, then take it out to the trash can.

I now have to put a new trash bag back into the can, and manage to pinch my finger in the process.

I run it under the cold water and as I am paused there, I think.....

Why did I come into the kitchen?

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