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Member since: Sat Aug 19, 2017, 04:03 AM
Number of posts: 1,803

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Why is he YELLING at us ?!?!?!

Defensive, much? Geesch. And he looks awful and a little hungover. Look at his eyes and skin. Wonder if he's a scotch man.

Grace & Frankie is the greatest !!!!

I'd been meaning to watch the show for awhile now and just finished watching all the seasons over a 2-week period. It was SO great to see all these actors I haven't seen enough of lately! Lilly, Jane, Martin & Sam, and guest stars like: Craig T Nelson; Sam Elliott; Marsha Mason, Swoosie Kurtz, Peter Gallagher, etc. It's just been so nice seeing them all on this awesome show. And I really want beach house like theirs!

The show is touching and funny! So funny in fact that while watching the last episode of S1, I was in an airport watching on my tablet, and was laughing so hard I cried and cried and laughed- and couldn't stop. When I looked up all kinds of people were looking over, but I didn't care. I needed a good belly laugh like that!

And Frankie sorta reminds me of the way the writers originally wanted Elka to be on Hot in Cleveland (a pot smoking free spirit, but Betty White balked at that So the role was changed). She is such a hoot! Or should I say "hooter"?!

The cast is fantastic and so are the guest stars. What I luv the most is that at 53, I'm not so fearful of being 73 anymore! These days are truly The Golden Age of Television! And I am glad.

Say it ain't so !! Michael Ketterer (AGT finalist &family man) arrested for domestic battery!!

No !!! Michael became beloved after his story of he and his wife Ivey adopted 5 kids and gave them all a new start. Simon Cowell,and all of the judging panel as well as America, fell in love with the Ketterer family. He was arrested in a hotel room at 3:45pm the day after the Finale aired. His wife sustained a red mark during the altercation.

What a gut punch this is to hear!! So disappointing.

Rachel is having Hillary on tonight!

She wasn't advertising that last night, was she? Wonder what's going on there.

Ya know, I had always thought this at least this about Sessions.....

I had always thought he loved his country (the southern part best, of course), and that he was just turning a blind-eye to the Russian Contacts (so many! ; all forgotten!). I thought he did this just to win, become A.G. and "stick it" to all the brown people. I now think he's a traitor and was just as enthusiastic as Spanky about Russia! While I'm surprised at this, I am a little more more surprised I didn't notice it earlier. Wow. Way to go, Jeff.
Posted by donkeypoofed | Sun Sep 9, 2018, 02:27 PM (2 replies)

Trump Organization will be dismantled cause Spanky is so stoopid

His life of crime and money laundering, his.criminal associates and criminal kids will all add up to Trump Org going down, hard. Spanky never should have run for office and I hope whatever part of his mind that's left realizes that- so he can torture himself with that fact.

There were times on election night where he appeared to realize that;I've seen.l some pictures. Then I think he settled into being King and was digging it so much he decided to stick around. But for a man such as him; a man who damn well knew all the things he's done, to have run for elected office was about the dumbest move he's ever made. Trump Org won't exist for much longer and his kids will be charged right around the time he is and those grandkids may be raised by Tiffany cause the lot of them will be in jail. Stupidity of the highest order caused Spanky Let-me-drop-my-drawers to lose everything. Nice going, dumbass, ya almost took your country down with you.

McCarthy & Spanky - approval numbers tell us something important

McCarthy had an approval rating of 34% three months after he was censured.

Spanky Let-me-drop-my-drawers' numbers are generally around 38% most of the time.

This just goes to show that anybody, and I mean anybody, can get 34% (1/3) of the population to follow them.

This just makes me feel a bit better; I don't know why.

Weisselberg interview mean end of Special Counsel?

My greatest fear is that when the CFO of Trump Inc begins to be interviewed, that this is when Spanky will truly "snap his crayons" and "run the probe himself", after firing Mueller. He's under such stress that he may make this dipshit decision just to relieve some of the pressure. His mental issues are being exacerbated bigly and most of us can agree on that. The man is not well.

Mueller's Plan Comes Together, Right On Time

Rudy said that the probe should be over by Sept 1st so as to not impact the midterms. He may have (accidentally) been close-to-correct. After Sept 7th I predict Mueller will "go dark" and not speak thru any court filings until after the elections. In the meantime, Bobby Three Sticks is seeing his plan coming together quite nicely:
-- Sept 7th is the date George PapaD will get sentenced
-- Paul ManaFraud's verdict in his 1st trial will be in by then
-- Roger Stone will be indicted very soon
-- Michael Cohen will be indicted very very soon
-- Julian Assange is about to be evicted, arrested and extradited

Remember that Mark Warner said in July to buckle up as it was going to be a bumpy ride. I think he called it perfectly!

MAGA = Many Are Getting Arrested !!!!

Buckle up everybody! This is about to get good!!

MAGA - Many Are Getting Arrested

Do you all remember when Mark Warner said in July that the next 2 months are going to be a bumpy ride and to buckle up? I think it's all about to begin: The ManaFraud Trial verdict will likely be reached this week; George PapaD is about to be sentenced; Stone is going to be indicted soon; Assange is about to be punted from the Ecuadorian Embassy and extradited; Cohen is going to be charged by the end of August. I think Bobby Three Sticks is timing this all perfectly and it's all about to come out. Grab your popcorn, ladies & gentlemen. It's all about to go down!!!
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