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Ferrets are Cool

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Member since: Wed Aug 23, 2017, 05:43 PM
Number of posts: 12,514

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This shitshow backfired big time on the cult

I'm sure it's been said here already, but I can't find a thread.

Everything that went down this afternoon backfired badly. Many congress members have pulled their objections, there are now major corporations discussing the 25th, and IF Pence had any affinity towards OrangeAnus before today, it flew out a window today. Also, for the first time, I have heard the MSM actually say negative things about the pOTUS and invoking the word "sedition". WOW!!

So much winning.
Posted by Ferrets are Cool | Wed Jan 6, 2021, 09:44 PM (19 replies)

I am seeing that there have been 15 arrests as of 5:50 pm central time

This is such fucking bullshit. There should have been hundreds of arrests. What a charade of law enforcement. I want to scream!!!
Posted by Ferrets are Cool | Wed Jan 6, 2021, 06:53 PM (8 replies)

Why the HELL is there no tear gas dispersing this GD lawless crowd?

Posted by Ferrets are Cool | Wed Jan 6, 2021, 02:36 PM (2 replies)

My very own special conspiracy theory

No one needs to agree, but I believe there are two reasons for OrangeAnus's continued push to remain POTUS.

1) He has found that it is a way to collect money from his cult members, and he loves scamming people more than grabbing the asses of underage girls.

2) It is a deflection from all the subterfuge by his official sycophants who are, every waking moment, stealing/copying documents that will help them to scam millions/billions of dollars AFTER he leaves office. This includes, of course, items/texts/videos that can be used for blackmail.

I'm sure there are quite a few other reasons, but these are my top two.

Nothing more than musings on my part.
Posted by Ferrets are Cool | Tue Jan 5, 2021, 03:32 PM (3 replies)

There is something terribly wrong with this country when there are pot users in prisons

and convicted child murderers being pardoned and walking among us.

That is all.
Posted by Ferrets are Cool | Wed Dec 23, 2020, 08:42 PM (9 replies)

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like it used to take years for a case to come up to Supreme

Court level. Now, it seems like it takes days. Am I remembering this wrong? If I am not wrong, what is different now?
Posted by Ferrets are Cool | Fri Dec 11, 2020, 01:42 PM (7 replies)

A question about vaccines and masks

Once vaccines become available to the public, it seems to me that anti-maskers can just walk around with impunity. If questioned, they can just say they have had the vaccine, whether true or not.

So, will the safe path be just to continue wearing mask for the rest of next year?

How long do you expect to be wearing a mask because of the risk of covid?
Posted by Ferrets are Cool | Tue Dec 8, 2020, 09:29 PM (18 replies)

I had a dream last nite.

This really happened. I have had some strange dreams in my life, but this one may tower over all the others.

In my dream, there are three elderly women, one of which "may" be me. These women, who live together, find a note in an old tin box. On the note is scribbled a spell of sorts. It reads, "You have a choice. You can live out the rest of your lives or you can live the next 24 hours as the 20 year old you were 65 years ago. Once you decide, either do nothing and live out your lives or say these words, "I want to be young again."

The three women spent most of the evening trying to decide which option to accept. In the end, they decided on their younger selves. They closed their eyes and mouthed the incantation while holding hands. When they opened their eyes, they were young again and for the next 24 hours enjoyed all the benefits that come with youth.

The dream ended with me watching my two compatriots quickly age and pass away within minutes of the 24 hr deadline. The last thing I remember before waking was slowing closing my eyes and smiling contently.

I was unable to return to sleep.

Now, the question. What would YOU do?

Posted by Ferrets are Cool | Tue Dec 8, 2020, 09:29 AM (7 replies)

My top 5 "Darkest Moments in America History"

5- The last 4 years of tRump presidency

4- Kennedy Assassination

3- the Vietnam war

2- the Civil War

1- the genocide of the Indigenous Americans

This is my list. It is not cemented in stone. Change my mind.
Posted by Ferrets are Cool | Tue Dec 1, 2020, 08:05 PM (17 replies)

JMO One reason many Americans don't treat covid seriously enough

is that many of the HIGH PROFILE persons who get the virus either show few effects or are sidelined for a very short period.
Yeah, I know Herman Cain died, but it seems this pandemic is hitting the poor and disadvantaged disproportionally.

I attempted to find something to back up my musings. I found an article that seems to back up my thoughts. I will post a link below if anyone is interested.

IMO, if the rich and famous were dying at the same rate as the poor, the average American "might" take the taking of precautions more seriously. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to have someone competent in the WH, instead of a buffoon.

"What does average income have to do with poor outcomes from coronavirus infection? The diseases that are more prevalent in poor and minority communities reflect decades of structural inequalities, of the burden of racism, income inequality, and marginalization all of which add up to populations that are simply much more vulnerable to any stressors—and COVID-19 is no exception—than those who are richer, more connected, and have the resources to buy their health, in good times and bad. If there ever was an illustration of the fact that the virus does indeed discriminate, it is this. Yes, we may all be at risk of contracting the virus, but even when we do, some of us are much more likely to die than others."

Posted by Ferrets are Cool | Sun Nov 29, 2020, 09:41 AM (19 replies)
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