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Member since: Sun Aug 27, 2017, 12:38 PM
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ICE equals tRump-GESTAPO. Their goal is to make people afraid.

Stop Benedict Donald visits

The people of El Paso and Dayton should come up with a way to prevent the pResident from visiting. Block the airport runways or something.
None violent protest that blocks the unwanted visits.

Tiger Woods and Medal of Freedom

I respect Tiger Woods for his diligent hard work pulling himself back up from the disasters he created. It takes courage not to just crawl into a hole after that. Now he has degraded himself by accepting the Medal of Freedom which he must know he hasn't earned, and given to him by our Mango Mussolini. He allowed to let himself be used for a photo op so the tRump cold stand next to an actual champion. A real athlete who wins at golf without cheating.

Tiger Woods and the Medal od Freedom

I was glad to see Tiger Woods win the Masters on Sunday. It speaks to his character. Life is unfair. It takes years to build up a reputation or his case a skill set to rise to the level he was at a decade ago. It only takes a moment of weakness or one stupid choice to tear it all down. He stuck with it, kept working at his trade and last Sunday won a major tournament.
Now to my point, the mango Mussolini is trying to mussel in on Tiger Wood's' moment of redemption by offering him the Medal of Freedom. In a second demonstration of character, Woods should decline for a number of reasons. First why, tRump just wants to bask in Mr. Woods' aura. Tiger Woods and the medal are getting used. Second, it is coming from a racist. Many players from champion sports teams have declined to attend ceremonies at the WH in protest of tRump. Third, if I were Tiger Woods I would realize that winning one tournament does not qualify me for the Medal of Freedom. Fourth, the medal is coming from a guy who notoriously cheats at golf.

Who is responsible for the shut down?

We are blaming the shut down on the wrong people. Here is my thinking.
As a boy I lived in a neighborhood with a mentally challenged boy. The leading jerk kid, the bully, in the neighborhood told him that if he threw a rock through the window of the Jewish family in the neighborhood everyone would think him to be smart. So he threw the rock and got caught. Who was responsible.
Trump is the mentally challenged participant in this. Who is the leading jerk? Answer, Druggy Rush Limbaugh and the devil's trophy wife Ann Coulter. They are responsible.
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