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Member since: Sun Aug 27, 2017, 08:53 PM
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FYI - Rep. Chris Collins Committees and Caucuses from his website

Committees and Caucuses
Congressman Collins serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee in the 114th Congress. He currently serves on three Subcommittees: the Communications and Technology Subcommittee, Health Subcommittee, and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee.

Communications and Technology: The C&T Subcommittee has focused on creating jobs and spurring investment and innovation in this growing sector while fighting counterproductive regulation of the Internet domestically and abroad. Its legislative accomplishments include landmark spectrum reforms to expand Americans’ access to high-speed Internet and ‘good government’ improvements to the work of the FCC.
Health: The Health Subcommittee has developed key reforms to promote medical advancement, support market-based improvements to our health care system and reject heavy-handed government control.
Oversight and Investigations: With its responsibility to oversee all agencies and programs within the committee's jurisdiction, the O&I Subcommittee has launched investigations into a broad range of topics and uncovered major instances of government waste, fraud, and abuse. This includes high-profile investigations into Solyndra, the health care law, Medicare fraud and abuse, wasteful grant programs, and numerous other inquiries ultimately designed to protect taxpayers.

For list of Caucuses and other info: https://chriscollins.house.gov/legislation/committees-and-caucuses
Posted by nature-lover | Thu Aug 9, 2018, 11:15 AM (0 replies)

His ultimate goal: stop sharing intelligence with us.

His plan is never the obvious one. With the public obnoxious behavior at NATO and the cozy trip to Russia, what is the endgame? Is it to let our allies know that the US can no longer be trusted with foreign intelligence? The US doesn't need allies anymore who will tell truth to power? Foreign intelligence is dangerous to his administration. How better to stop the flow.

Dark question: Is the difficulty in the unification process of separated children and parents

...a result of ineptitude or was there never an intention of reuniting them?

Sessions lays it out on foxnews.com

"We do not want to separate parents from their children. If we build the wall, if we pass legislation to end the lawlessness, we won’t face these terrible choices."

- U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions


Yes, separating families is a political tool.

Remember when? Fill in the blank...

I'll start. Remember when seeing the president on TV didn't ruin your entire day?

Putin Says He's Willing To Rejoin The Group Of Seven After Trump's Invite

Canada’s Justin Trudeau said the G-7 is not “even remotely” considering readmitting Russia, which was expelled in 2014.


Trump is the shiny object.

The news coverage of his outrageous acts successfully distracts from all of the malevolent accomplishments of his departments. Occasionally, the destruction of the EPA and Dept. of Interior make the news cycle. The demolition of our all of our institutions has accelerated while we are numbed and distracted.

Just voted in local election. Person in front of me asked clerk if only citizens could vote.

She reassured him that non-citizens could not vote and that we had a voter id law. His response was, "Good, good." The right is doing a fine job with misinformation if someone would even pose this question.

Did I hear correctly that now faith based organizations can get govt. funding?

Have they been able to in the past?
Posted by nature-lover | Thu May 3, 2018, 11:04 AM (4 replies)

Golden State Killer and DNA privacy

I am thrilled that he was caught, but could the attorneys or law enforcement here comment on the issue of DNA ancestry privacy.

Source: Fox News

The Sacramento County District Attorney's Office said Thursday that investigators used DNA from a crime scene years ago and compared it to other DNA samples from family history websites which users send their DNA to in order to learn more about their ancestry.

The district attorney's office "explored online family trees that appeared to have matches to DNA samples from the East Area Rapist's crimes," The Sacramento Bee reported. "They then followed clues to individuals in family trees to determine whether they were potential suspects."

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