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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 09:39 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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So Trump and Jared are talking to MBS to get the story straight?

Does this make father and son-in-law accomplices to the most barbaric act of his so called leadership? Can we impeach now???

Our country has entered into a very dark time.

Our so called pResident has brought this country down, so low, lower than I ever have seen in my adult life. In his mind, money is more valuable than a man's life. A journalist's life.

He sows evil wherever he goes. He has no soul. He backs authoritarian people, he backs people who torture, he bashes our press, our rights, he mocks rape victims, disabled people, he has no soul.

If we remember, the planes that flew into the Twin Towers in New York were piloted by Saudi Arabians. Osama Bin Ladin's beliefs and life were with the Saudi Arabians. Yet, we are "friendly" with them still? Our so called pResident likes them? Believes THEM? Over our own intelligence community?

He loves Putin, Kim Jung Un, MBS? Our pResident is a sick man. He truly is. He truly IS a baby when he calls grown women names, as a 3 year old would do. Women that HE actually had affairs with! And when he calls people racial slurs, in all this he proves he has no soul. He projects his OWN insecurities when he does this and we all know it. My Lord, what did his parents do to him when he was a child that made him this way?

He backs his "base" of ignorant, white supremists? When they run down and kill a woman who was peacefully protesting? He does NOT back the majority of our country and its people. He is not serving the whole of the country. He is only serving the few and serving the evil leaders that only HE can relate to.

And I am sickened. The Republicans have done nothing but enable this man. They have done nothing but serve their own self interests and their pocketbooks. And they have screwed the majority of the country's people. Are they afraid of him, this so called pResident of ours? Or are they truly just like him?

I can hardly speak to or look a Republican in the eye because they sicken me. It used to not be that way, but that's how I feel now. And I have only felt this way since this so called pResident came into "power".

Well, he has no power over us. WE have the power to rid him from his position, to rid his enablers from THEIR positions and to bring our country back to the country we truly are. Please vote. Please vote and vote these evil people out! I, for one, am ready to go back to normalcy in our lives. I am ready for our country to have leaders with a capacity for caring and leaders who actually have a soul.

So Trump called Stormy Daniels "Horseface"? Well, umm, he picked her, right? For the

affair? So what does that say about him and HIS choices? Not much.

Voter suppression should be illegal. n/t

So, we now have to hear Trump's two cents from now till Nov. 6th?

He is so vain. He probably thinks it's about him...

Well, it kinda is!!! People are ready to get back to normalcy and get rid of him and the repugs who enable him!

What's up with the green hats at Trump rallies these days?

It doesn't matter to Trump what he does as long as he wins? He said it.


Beat Georgia!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!

I swear, republicans have to cheat to win. Brian Kemp! Another cheater in the bunch.

Ok guys and gals. After watching Rachel I am scared.

I am just an old retired lady who sometimes felt a need to speak up. Life was great when I was young and oblivious. I paid no attention to politics.

Now, after the journalist story, I can only pray. And my prayers are for all of us who speak their opinions. I am not sure how long we will be able to do this anymore.

And yes, my concerns came only lately, with the Trump administration. Never before have I been scared to speak my mind. Never.

But, this is crazy stuff. I have been a political geek for years and only lately I have felt free to speak on this site. But, I wonder...are we safe here? Are we free to speak our thoughts? I don't know anymore.

I am not of the "rich and entitled", so I really am unsure about speaking out. I have no political connections to help in a time of need if need be.

These are strange and scary times y'all. I know we can't stay silent, but I also know things can turn quickly if one speaks the truth.

Just saying...y'all be cool. Think I may chill out a while.

Peace and love.
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