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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 09:39 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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Kanye West and Trump. GREAT SNL sketch. Apologies if offended but just look at

Trump as Kanye is speaking.

Got a reply from La. Senator John N. Kennedy re Kavanaugh...after the fact!

Today I received 2 replies from John N. Kennedy, La, regarding my letters to him begging him not to vote FOR Kavanaugh. I wrote 2 different letters. HIS 2 replies to me were EXACTLY THE SAME! Nope, they do not read our letters. They don't give a flying fig what we think. My husband said, "so basically you got a 'robo-letter'?" I had to laugh. Thinking about writing one more time, but addressing the body of the letter to "his aides" and thanking them for the "robo-reply".

Ya know, as a Christian, I know we shouldn't hate, but I find myself hating "the pig"!

Oh oh oh! I see now! If it's a hurricane Sandy, a catastrophe where HE lives you can't

hold a rally. But if it's a catastrophe in an area that doesn't affect him it's ok. Figuring out the rules! The new rules.

So Trump continues on with his rally, er uh, I mean work, during this storm. Well,

I read earlier that Obama did it so he can too!!! That's how he thinks. I swear, he will UNdo everything Obama did but DO everything Obama did or the Clintons or whoever. What a true dump of a so called man! Manboy!

So much for moving to the beach. And to think, we almost did! But, goodness! CAT 3

in Georgia! Crazy! And, I know, absolutely NO GLOBAL WARMING! Nope. Not at all!!!!! Lol!

SURVIVOR night, y'all!!!

What happened to Drumph's promise for a great infrastructure plan? Perhaps he

should quit doing rallies, golfing and maybe actually WORK like everyone else does. No more fake hurricane photo ops with him sitting behind his uncluttered desk looking at charts. He's wasting our tax dollars! Bigly!!

Hope the tide will change quick!

Prayers for the people around Panama City, FL. I hope they evacuated!

According to Lawrence O'Donnell we will take back the House...hopefully. Can we

possibly take back the Senate as well? This November? I know in my state there are no senators up for re-election. But is it possible?

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