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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 09:39 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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Just WOW! These protesters are amazing me. Getting them in the elevators, their offices,

makes me proud of these people.

I will be shocked and proud, if Bart doesn't get the votes. Still have hope, tho.

When the senate votes Bart in, does it then go to the House for a vote?

They will vote Bart in. This has been the plan all along. Fool the public and media

with a sham additional week of investigation and vote him in anyway. I never fell for Flake's acting on Friday. He was so distraught...uh huh...it's their old, republican white man's last stand. Like Custer's last stand. And we all know how that ended. So, stay strong women and men. Pink and blue wave coming!

Just heard on CNN, that the pResident is thinking about starting his own #he-too

movement? For men falsely accused of sexual harrassment, etc. Like, what??? I received my hot pink pussyhat today. Love it! So, what is the #he-too movement hat going to be?

I turned my phone back on. No alert!! Yay!!!


In about 20 minutes supposedly we all get the Drumph alert on our cell phones.

I turned mine off! (I have the luxury cause I am retired.) The alert will probably be there when I turn it back on later, but at least I don't have to be bothered by The Old Man for a while!

So, Bart O'Kavanaugh IS Bart! Wow! Lawrence O'Donnell spelled it out. n/t

Jill Winebanks pin?????

Last Week with Jon Oliver. Great! But,

I wish the media would say the REAL reason Trump picked him... Because Kav said a sitting president cannot be indicted for any crimes. Ya know, he's too busy....lol! Busy playing golf? I think Colbert did say the true reason Trump picked him tho, over the others...
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