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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 09:39 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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It's cold!

22 degrees in south Louisiana! Don't laugh! We ain't used to this! BRRRR! Tomorrow gonna be worse!!! We're gonna die!

Someone wrote last night about an FBI raiding Virginia....

What happened with that? Heard no more. Nothing on news...

Bought a ham,head of cabbage and black eyed peas

For the recipe posts! Lol! Happy New Year! Glad I had some money for the dang ham after the 1% and Trump took it all!

I can't take much more

Of this Trump crap. He is such an idiot. I can hardly read or listen to CNN, MSNBC or any of them. He has literally driven me crazy. Is that the game? Well, I don't wanna play it anymore. Praying for Mueller.

So recipes and TCM movie schedule?


For those of us who don't tweet

Can Tea Pain elaborate on Trump lawyers meeting with Mueller's? Or anybody?

Trump LOVES Hillary!

I have come to the conclusion that he loves her. He is frickin obsessed with her. He cannot let her go. Kinda like a fatal attraction thing? Geese! Let the lady live in peace!!!


Took a break from the noise and watched BEN win Survivor 2017! Great break!

Sick of being skeered by ALL news. Had enuff.
Its all BS!

But tears brought to my eyes when a vet won. Good job!

A coin toss? Really? Virginia election...

So, one vote doesn't matter? They, according to their law, are going to decide the vote by a coin toss? Is this for real? If so, why do I waste MY time voting? Let's just flip a coin on all the elections! Jesus!

I write and call them all the time but,

they are bought and paid for. They are Republicans. Bill Cassidy, John Kennedy and Garrett Graves. I write all the time but they pay NO attention and vote party line. It's sickening. I try hard. It's useless. When our state, Louisiana, the most polluted state, the most uneducated state, the most crooked state doesn't listen what else is there to do?

I pray hard. I am a white, Christian, Religious LEFT Democrat and I pray our country doesn't go down the drain. I pray hard. I am retired. I have children and grandchildren who are oblivious. But I still try. And I will continue to try. For their sakes and for our sake.

May the good Lord help us all!
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