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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 10:39 PM
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Tax plan and Corker kickback et al

Corker and Rubio were saying no to the plan to keep face. All Louisiana repubs are voting party line while Louisiana gets screwed. I write, I call, but I now honestly know they don't care about the average/majority of our people. Collins? A joke. All of 'em. Bought and paid for. Republicans do not care about people at all!

When will the FBI, FCC, CIA or SOMEBODY go after FOX news?

They spread lies, hate and propaganda like the supposed "coup". Dumb Drumph listens and believes. And then we REALLY have a major problem. How is FOX news even allowed on cable networks, satellite networks, etc?

Ayn Rand - MUST READ!

This is the NEW Republicans philosophy. Read this and then you can figure out where our country is heading - and I PRAY we aren't going there!!! Paul Ryan idolizes her. Many other republicans, too. Please read this! It's long, but worth the time.



All who read this post really should check out Rawstory.com and read the story about Ayn Rand. This is what we are dealing with and with all my heart and soul, I will NOT accept this type of thinking. I will NOT accept that this now as our America. Please read it. Quite interesting.
Thank you.

So, now we KNOW Bob Corker

A traitor in disguise. Fooled my a$$. Truly thought he was going against Trump. Now we know he was only bucking for a job. Secretary of State. Ummm, nope. Presidential run? Ummm, nope again. Loser.

I think Adam Schiff should run for President

Louisiana Senator, John Kennedy, said we don't need to know the details of this tax plan!

His words. Out of his mouth today. He is a yes vote. Just called and left my thoughts on his voice mail. Ummm, the people do indeed need to know the details. After all, it's MY money they are stealing!

Trump is history now, lame duck.

Alabama proved that for sure!

I just wrote my REPUBLICAN congressmen again regarding the Tax Plan for Trumps Donors

And I am so sorry now, that I even live here. Here is my latest letter to Senator Bill Cassidy, Senator John Kennedy and House Representative Garrett Graves who welcomed Zinke to Louisiana to help with coastal restoration. What a joke that was. I am embarrassed. My letter:

Regarding the Trump Tax Payoff to Trump’s Donors:

We vote NO as do the majority of Americans. But, we also know, that when we read our Sunday newspaper (which prints your votes) it will note that YOU voted against the majority of Louisianans and Americans. Why do you continue to do this?

The Treasurer, nominated by Trump, Steve Mnuchin, has finally agreed to the numbers that the Joint Tax Committee said this plan would create. Did you see that? Many corporations say to vote NO, that they DO NOT need the money. But the average American does, and THIS plan does not help the average American. It takes money AWAY from us.

Alabama just voted for a Democrat, Doug Jones. And if Mitch McConnell does NOT seat Doug Jones for this very important vote, then Alabamians have no voice in this tax plan. When you vote FOR it, you have voted against the majority of Americans, have voted totally against Alabamians and voted FOR Steve Bannon.

We see this and we remember.

This plan is ONLY being rushed in for Trump so he can have a “win”. For Trump? Seriously? For the Mercers? FOR FRICKIN BANNON??? Those idiots? They don’t deserve a “win”.

A major tax overhaul SHOULD be respected, should be vetted, should NOT screw the middle class and we would think that you guys truly cared about the middle class, the elderly, the uninsured, the children. We would think that, but we now know it isn’t true.

If you noticed lately, there is a referendum, a “revolution” so to speak happening across this country. The people are NOT going to back or allow sexual predators to ruin OUR country. We are not going to allow our air quality and our rivers and streams to be polluted. We are NOT going to allow Russia/Trump to control OUR United States of America.

And after last night, the Doug Jones victory, you guys really need to pay attention or you, too, will be voted out of office.

Politics is cyclic. And the cycle is NOW moving towards the Democratic view. It’s definitely moving away from Trump and Bannon nationalistic beliefs. Get on board. Vote NO on this rushed through Tax Relief for Political Donors bill. Do NOT ruin the backbone of America with these false lies. Pay attention to the majority and not to Trump and Bannon. Because we WILL remember.

Thank you.

Moore didn't concede.

Dude going for a recount? Jesus! Perve needs to give it up!
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