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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 09:39 PM
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So, if anyone gets caught for sexual harassment they gotta go...

except for the president.
OK, I think I get the rules now.

Show Al Franken the love and support


I am not from Minnesota but I have written him several times and called him....he writes back on his letterhead with his office number. If the website is down try to call.

Show him we need him. This is only a hit job by the repubs because of Trump and Roy Moore and an idiot named Bannon. We cannot lose this democrat. One is NOT guilty until proven guilty (supposedly).

And for the life of me, I cannot believe the democrats who are calling for him to step down. And I am a woman!

Yes, harassment is wrong. But women don't need to go crazy over this stuff, especially when they are blaming the wrong man.

Trump should go first if they are serious. Roy Moore shouldn't be voted in if they are serious. But finding a scapegoat in Al Franken is ridiculous.

I cannot believe the democrats are falling for this BS and I pray that Al will not step down.

Simple Question

Why can't a sitting president be prosecuted for criminal acts?

I blew my money on booze and women?

Seriously? WTF! Grassley is bad news. Stupid idiot! I blew MY money paying taxes to have a roof over my head and food to eat. I blew MY money paying for my health insurance premium. And I haven't been to a movie in years! Jesus Christ!

Need a cartoonist

Waiting for the cartoon picture of Trump holding up his tiny hands in the peace sign saying, "I am not a crook!"

This is getting good

Can't wait for the book!

Manafort, K.T. McFarland, con man Trump.

And new poll out. More people relate with Democrats than Republicans! Just gotta get them out to vote!

Gonna make a great book or movie for sure!

Me thinks...

Master Donnie Drumph is in check mate. Guilty. But wait, according to Grassley us mid class peeps know nothing about the game of Chess! Surprise!!!! We do and Check Mate!

I just wrote my REPUBLICAN congressmen

Just wrote them. Been writing them. They NEVER respond. The tables will soon turn. This is what I just wrote Senator Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy:

We are moving. Out of this state. And we finally have something to look forward to. We are moving to a more progressive state. A state whose politicians put their constituents before their party. We are moving to a state where we can be proud of our representatives in Congress.

Louisiana is last in everything. Education, pollution, jobs, growth. If Mother Exxon left, the state would have nothing. And now, the politicians, you Bill Cassidy and you John Kennedy, have tee totally voted party line ONLY. Why? We donít. We vote for our state.

Are you now the party of Pedophiles? The Mafia? The fricking Russians? Is THIS what Bobby Jindal, a man who totally ruined our state, did to you? A man who would not even go by his OWN name?
I am done. We are done. We contact you and voice our opinion and ask for your support. You do not listen. You donít call back. Hell, we canít even contact you most of the time! You never listen or bargain for our state. Well, you got your money now (from donors). You have your job now. But, I swear, come 2018 things will change. And we will work hard for that change, but in a different location, in a more progressive state.

We were born and raised here. This beautiful state. And now, thanks to republicans and their total agenda against environment, jobs, education, COLLEGE FOR MY GRANDCHILDREN, I am happy to say that you will now have 2 less votes. Yes, 2 doesnít matter to you now, but it can make or break an election.

We are done. And you will be done as well come 2018 AND/OR 2020 when Democrats take back the Congress and get rid of this Tax Break for the Wealthy that YOU voted for. We will remember. So letís look at some facts:

Itís now okay to increase our deficit as long as Republicans say so? Where were yíall when any Democrats wanted to increase our deficit?

Itís now okay to gut Social Security and Medicare? Like, really? You just lost the over 55 crowd who actually DO get out and vote.

Itís now okay to put children and families in healthcare crisis? (CHIPS, Medicaid?) Wait, though, I have to remember that when Bobby Jindal was our governor it was indeed okay to do away with Charity Hospitals. Thanks Bill Cassidy, the ďdoctorĒ.

And it is now okay to burden our children and grandchildren, who are now getting or trying to get their college degrees, with debt beyond their means? You guys have to be proud.

It is now okay to support a criminal, fascist, racist human being, child molesters, women harassers, Lord do I need to go on? It is now okay to support a CON man? A con man for all his life? You were conned. Bigly. But WE will NOT be conned. I read the history of this man. YOU obviously did not or you really didnít care. Such a shame.

It is now okay to do away with environmental issues in order to put money in corporate pockets and YOUR pockets? It is now okay to back the insanity of the Mercerís?

Always remember, evil is done in darkness. And you guys voted for this tax cut ONLY for the wealthy in the wee hours of darkness.

You have made a deal with the devil. And as a white, Christian, middle class, retired state worker I have to tell you, YOU have to live with yourself. What would Jesus do? I can live with myself. I pray you will be able to live with yourself.

Al Franken

I wrote to him today. As a child of the 70s, a watcher of SNL in the 70s, a 61 year old grandmother of 3 granddaughters, I wrote to him to say this is BS! Think about it. The most horrible tax plan is about to be passed. And if they can get rid of just one democrat vote it's worth it to them to spread this crap. Not that one democrat vote would even matter, but this is how low they would go. Al Franken tells all in his books, confesses to his 1979 "wild time sins", he is a comedian, he rehearsed this "act" with that lady, and she performed it anyway in front of our troops. I call BS!

Al Franken did not molest children nor did he walk in on teenagers in a beauty contest. Or grab women by their pussies. Republicans are reaching in this one.

I cannot wait until the dems finally have the upper hand in 2018. This is nothing but a BS act of one dumbass lady.

Donald Trump and Roy Moore, on the other hand, are the problem.

Hey, Bill Oreilly

Quit blaming God for your bad choices. He didn't make you do what you did. You chose to belittle and abuse women. You have only yourself to blame!
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