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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 10:39 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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Gotta love "Super Powers" . Makes one feel important! Lol!

First time cooking on a gas stove and absolutely loving it! I am a good cook. Good cajun, homemade

southern food. Moved to a place with a gas stove. Always had electric. I will never go back! Gas is the best! Every meal has tasted fantastic! When we finally build our "forever" home, a gas stove will now be top priority!

As a devout Christian, I should have known a heretic when I saw it. Trump.

It's really not that hard to find the little red "X". n/t

Stock market up today. Guess the manipulators did their job.

Trump, Munchkin and Wilber.

Think I'll take a walk on the beach tomorrow. Mellow out, y'all!

Drumph can't even do Christmas right. What a miserable guy he must be. Proves money doesn't buy


Spending Christmas alone, with no friends and none of his family, in the White house. Where are the children? Where is the laughter? The treats and goodies?

Miserable old useless man.

No drama this Christmas! 1st time in 44 yrs!!! We moved. Away! Best Christmas ever!

No fake family get-together. Nothing fake. Just a simple walk on the beach and a great meal ALL BY OURSELVES!!!! Merry Christmas to all of you!

So, Trump proudly took the blame for the 3rd shutdown. We all saw and heard him tell

Schumer it's "on him", meaning it's on Trump. And now he blames Pelosi. Who didn't predict THAT??!!??

Haven't read the news lately cause still moving and settling into a new state but,

Things haven't changed have they? SSDD! Country getting worse but just hang on till January when we take it back!!!!!!
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