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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 10:39 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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Preparing for a move to another state. A second/winter home. Yay!

But, it's from one southern state to another. Been in freak out mode all day over this so haven't watched any news. Guess I really didn't miss anything tho. Other than Poppa Bush, which is kinda old now, and Drumph - same ole same ole...

Love it! NOT! Now the ads are showing up in between the posts? Lawd!

Maybe it's cause I'm on my kindle? Used to be just top of screen and bottom.

Trump willing to not do gov't shutdown until after GHWBush funeral.

Just read this on rawstory.com.
Jesus. Trump is a dweeb and congress ain't gonna do a gov't shutdown over his damn wall!

Drumph is a non-factor amongst global leaders


A president who prides himself on being the ultimate disrupter on the global stage instead played the part of reluctant diplomat here in Argentina, at the risk of making himself something of a non-factor, the report read.

Hell, he's a non-factor anywhere!

Bush Bush Bush in the news. Not Drumph. Hope Drumph can take the news not being

all about HIM! Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!!!!!

Re: George H. W. Bush and his wife

Great marriage.
But not a great president.

That's all.....

Did the dam just burst? My Lawd! News is quite interesting! n/t

Stay clear of any fans cause $hits fixing to hit it!!!!!!! n/t

Curious...after the news today, is there any word from the Repubs?

Yertle the Turtle? (McConnell)
Nunes? Lol!
Ryan? Lolol!!

Turkey Day with repub family...............

It was what I call "fake family holiday dinner" .

We did not talk politics or religion but teenagers stayed on their phones and daughter can't stand us but she wants her children to "experience" the traditional Thanksgiving family dinner BUT all we get is rolled eyes and kids on the cells. Nobody talks as a family. No family togetherness. All fake. I am done! We have played "fake family" for one too many times. We are outta here!!!!! Good luck to them for their "fake family Christmas"! Lolololololol!!!!!!!
Ain't cooking MY ass off!!!!!
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