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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 10:39 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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Joe Kennedy has/is giving us hope! This is the guy!


Sorry, but it WAS painful. 🙀

He's tiring. Starting to slur...

Wow. A magical moment coming! Lol!

This is so fake. He is so fake.

Here it comes...immigration plan.....hold on.....

Wow. The ARE applauding after every sentence. Gonna be a late nite!

Think he just said the statement...empower every cabinet member to get rid

Of employees? Something to that effect? What's he saying? DOJ? FBI? Think he slipped that in.

Wasn't gonna watch but the pregame show was so good!

Gotta watch the trainwreck, fake Melania not into it, fake Ivanka faking it, dimpled face Jared praying in his mind they don't find out about his money, the circus! The Greatest Show on Earth! And Pence and Ryan lapping their mouths behind him just waiting to be the next in line when he's gone. Hilarious! And the sound of Trump clapping at himself. And even Tiffany was invited!

What a joke. Let them enjoy their night. Tomorrow will be another day.

Highly recommend Fire and Fury book as well as The Making of Donald Trump!

Good reading that may help us understand. It's history. Repeating itself. Reading is fundamental! Especially history!
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