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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 10:39 PM
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If Hope Hicks tells white lies what does Sarah Huckabee Sanders tell?

Was Betsy Devos at the student's "listening session" today?

Super intelligent students. I was impressed with the kids.

Federal Assault Weapons were banned in 1994 but that ban expired in 2004.

Nobody is trying to do away with the 2nd amendment, but...

I do think semi-automatic weapons should be banned except for like army personnel...

And background checks really wouldn't hurt...

If you need to hunt with a semi-automatic weapon then you really aren't a very good hunter and perhaps should NOT hunt. I mean, the deer ain't gonna be worth eating after being blown to bits!

Why would ANYONE need or have an AR-15 rifle?

A High School kid, expelled from school, did this and what I have to say may be lengthy...

I used to work for Special Education. At a fantastic facility where the children/teenagers were taken care of, sent to school, and the recidivisim rate was extremely low. Teenagers with behavior disorders, etc. Well, our EX governor Bobby (Piyush) Jindal did away with all state facilities, mental hospitals, and charity hospitals in an effort to "give" away tax incentives for businesses.

I realize that these school shootings, by kids, may not reflect Mister Jindal's actions, but I have to say during those days we NEVER heard of this. Now, all Louisiana is left with are facilities that are privately funded. When your insurance won't cover the psychiatrists or if your Medicaid runs out, you are out of options to help your child who MAY have some issues.

Things have most definitely changed because of this and for the worse. Yes, gun control definitely needs to be addressed BIGLY, but when parents know there is a problem and there is no facility to go to because they do not have the money, then that is a problem as well.

When congress will NOT address the gun control issue, REASONABLE gun control, that is an even worse issue. When the NRA pays off the men and women in Congress THAT is a problem. When Citizens United came to be it got worse.

Our families need help. Our children need help. And I fear it's going to get worse due to the almighty dollar.

May the good Lord, be with these families. May the good Lord be with ALL of us.

Our Cartoon President

Showtime channel. In about a minute.

Great..."shutdown night" or "budget night".. Should be some drama tho....

How come EVERY bill went up? Have yet to see my big, great paycheck because of tax cutl

Why do these young "kids" do the old 71 year old man's bidding?

Hope Hicks? Papadapoulas? Stephen Miller?

For fame and fortune? Not the kind of fame I'd want...
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