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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 10:39 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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I really hate to bring anyone down or make anyone feel defeated but.....

I kinda think that Trump said, "oh, yeh. The FBI should talk to anyone involved", because he knows he has the votes to get Kav in. Yep, the repubs will ALL vote for him. Sad, but possibly true. But, I do have high hopes when I heard Blumenthal say today that it doesn't matter if Kav gets voted in. The investigation will go on.

The Meeting. Msnbc. Pretty dang good.

Not sure, but is Avenatti going to be on 60 Minutes? After Saints game?

SNL - not impressed. Too many commercials, skits not great, wasted my time on that.

He can't come up with a new "act". Same ole shtick at every rally. Loser.

Notice they are now blurring the people standing behind Trump at his "rally"?

Drumph. Said the Democratic Party is the party of crime? What?????

So, I have ordered my Pink Pussyhat, got my RESIST Tshirt...

Now alls I need is a hot pink "Nasty Woman" tshirt and then I'll be ready! Lol!!

AVENATTI! Save us! Swetnick was brought up in the Judiciary committee! She should

be part of this "investigation"!!!!!

Do these RW talking point women all take the same speech/debate class that Kellyanne

did? They yell, scream, talk over people, DON'T listen and never give anyone a chance to speak. They produce no facts, just same old worn out talking points.
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