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Member since: Fri Sep 1, 2017, 06:05 PM
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Thom hartmann is now interviewing jerome corsi . I threw up and

Turned thom off it is the last show of his i will listen to

It's malcom nance on day on stephanie miller he usually comes on 1030 est

Malcome nance day on stephanie miller . He's usually on around 1030 est

I dont know who is giving me hearts but i thank you from my heart

Nance time on stephanie miller

To whomever gave me the hearts goes my deepest thanks

The hill is posting an opinion piece by gorka

Any credibility that had they just flushed


Link posted for anyone who might ask
Posted by Fullduplexxx | Thu Feb 8, 2018, 07:07 PM (5 replies)

Trump sought release of classified Russia memo, putting him at odds with Justice Department

The intervention with Sessions, which has not previously been reported, marked another example of the president’s year-long attempts to shape and influence an investigation that is fundamentally outside his control. Trump, appearing frustrated and at times angry, has complained to confidants and aides in recent weeks that he does not understand why he cannot simply give orders to “my guys” at what he sometimes calls the “Trump Justice Department,” two people familiar with the president’s comments said.

The president has told close advisers that the memo is starting to make people realize how the FBI and the Mueller probe are biased against him, and that it could provide him with grounds for either firing or forcing Rosenstein to leave, according to one person familiar with his remarks. He has privately derided Rosenstein as “the Democrat from Baltimore.” Rosenstein is not a Democrat. He was appointed as a U.S. attorney in Maryland by President George W. Bush and was kept in that post by President Barack Obama.


Heads up Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller right now well her show anyway

Anyone else find it odd that Trump has never mentioned or made fun of Rachel Maddow

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