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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,375

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Ruinous Black and White...

A ruined abbey in the Heart of the English Countryside



You don’t negotiate with hostage takers and terrorists. You wear them down and defeat them. Period. This is how the right should be dealt with always, forever. Break them.


Why should emerging economies choose a democratic model of government?

A while back I was at the UK Institute of Directors Annual Convention where I heard a talk by Dr Dambisa Moyo, a Global Economist, who a very engaging speech about all the things that should scare the shit out of us currently. Trump. Brexit. Nuff Said.
I am paraphrasing something she said. I am repeating it from memory so I might be a tad out on the numbers but the principal behind what she said should still make sense:
‘’If we look at the two largest economies in the world first place goes to America and second place goes to China. America, as we all know, has a capitalist system based on a system of democratic governance. China has a socialist market economy in which democracy has played no part. America has a GDP of 72.5 Trillion with China having a GDP of 70 Trillion. China has caught America up in a very short time span and even though the Chinese economy is slowing down it is predicted that it will take over America as the world largest economy, potentially as soon as next year. Think about that for a minute, the democratic and capitalist principals of Americas economic model are about to be overtaken by a socialist market non-democratic economy. Now imagine you are an emerging economy. You want your economy to grow, for your country to be successful, so which model of governance would you choose? Would you choose the democratic model, with its shrinking share of GDP? Or the non-democratic model with its growing share of GDP? Why would an emerging economy choose the model that is performing least well?’’
If you were an emerging economy, with a limited experience of democracy, which would you choose? It is an interesting question.

We're Off To See The Wizard!


Bernie Sanders attacks Democrat focus on 'gay, black, Latino' candidates

In the interview, he said: “There are people who are very big into diversity but whose views end up being not particularly sympathetic to working people, whether they’re white or black or Latino.

“My main belief is that we need to bring together a coalition of people—of black and white and Latino and Asian-American and Native-American—around a progressive agenda which is prepared to take on an extraordinarily powerful ruling class in this country.

“That is my view. Many of my opponents do not hold that view, and they think that all that we need is people who are candidates who are black or white, who are black or Latino or woman or gay, regardless of what they stand for, that the end result is diversity.”


Heh. This is the same problem I have with Corbyn in the UK - a certain part of the left wing movement does not understand the need for identity politics because they are in and of themselves from the most privileged section of our societies... it is a false dichotomy that if you raise the living standards for some, all will benefit equally...different interventions are needed in different communities...

Of course algorithms are racist. They're made by people

Any algorithm is only as good as the assumptions that you feed into it, and whether through deliberate malice or simple error in the case of soap dispensers, those assumptions can frequently be racist, sexist or classist.

But they are also better than what came before, not least because, when their assumptions and workings are publicly available we are better placed to work out why algorithms are producing racist, sexist or classist outcomes; and because even flawed algorithms tend to produce more fair results.
But, of course, it’s not good enough to declare that an algorithm is better than what it replaced. We can and should continue to refine prejudices out of the operation of algorithms, and there are two important aspects to that. The first, of course, is that the workings of algorithms need to be open-sourced and regularly tested. No algorithm that sets public policy should be kept away from public scrutiny or from academic observation. That bit is fairly easy, as the policy demand is simple and in parts of the public realm is already happening.

But the second and equally important part is that, when algorithms fail, we need to be able to discuss honestly and openly what has gone wrong. A soap dispenser that black people cannot use is racist: it doesn’t matter that the intentions of the people who made it were pure. What matters is the outcome. For the age of algorithm to produce fairer outcomes than the age of human intuition, as opposed to ones that are merely less unfair, people need to be able to discuss when algorithms fall short without being shouted down.


Written by people = their unconscious biases will be built in.

Temper Temper

Trumpettes getting their knickers in a wad is a truly marvellous thing to witness!

A little bit of this

Mixed with a little bit of this

A dollop of this

Mix in a whole bunch of OUTRAGE (dammit) LOL

The starter course..... bring on the dinner. Oh my!



1. Unpaid FBI agents arrest known criminal Roger Stone
2. Crowd chants 'lock him up'
3. Government shutdown ends
4. Trump loses
5. Border wall utterly defeated
6. Right wing freaks out, hates Trump now
7. It’s Friday

Today is a good day.

What will tomorrow bring??!?!?!

Jesus be like....


AOC lectures Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the Bible after White House demands leaving climate change...

...to God

“I don’t think that we are going to listen to her on much of anything, particularly anything that we will leave into the hands of a much, much higher authority,” Sanders said, presumably referring to God. “And certainly not listen to the freshman congresswoman on when the world may end.”


You shouldn’t need a Bible to tell you to protect our planet, but it does anyway.


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