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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 8,169

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

This wave of global protest is being led by the children of the financial crash

And yet it’s clear that we are witnessing the biggest surge in global protest activity since the early 2010s, when a “movement of the squares” saw mass rallies in capital cities across the Arab world, followed by Occupy demonstrations in the global north. Historically speaking, the past decade has seen more protests than at any time since the 1960s. Despite their disparate grievances, some common threads do bind today’s rebellions together. Tracing them may help clarify the nature of our present political volatility.

One obvious link is also the most superficial: the role played by social media, which has been widely noted in the press. While it’s true that digital technologies have enabled more agile and horizontal forms of organising, the ubiquity of these tools in 2019 tells us almost nothing about what is driving people to take to the streets in the first place. Indeed, in many states, social media is now an instrument of state repression as much as it is a tool of revolt.

The most significant connection is generational. The majority of those protesting now are the children of the financial crisis – a generation that has come of age during the strange and febrile years after the collapse of a broken economic and political orthodoxy, and before its replacement has emerged.

One direct impact of the crash has been a rapid diminishment of opportunity for millions of young people in rich countries – who now regard precarious work and rising inequality as the norm. At the same time, the aftermath of the crash has cracked the entrenched structures that had evolved to detach citizens from active participation in politics – be that through authoritarian systems or via an institutional consensus on the inevitability of market logic and technocratic management. Amid widespread economic and social failure, it has become harder than ever for elites to justify power, even on their own terms.


The kids today have a different definition of rights and responsibilities than our generations did. They demand their voices be heard... and lets face it our generations are currently fucking it up for them royally - they have every right to be furious... Trump, Brexit, Climate change, zero hour contracts, disenfranchisement, youth unemployment, etc et al

Adam Schiff has announced he's no longer waiting for courts to compel witnesses to testify


Adam Schiff has announced he's no longer waiting for courts to compel witnesses to testify in some of the impeachment topics. Instead, the fact of their refusal will be used as evidence that they're co-conspirators in Trump's crime spree.


A bit of genius right there. LOCK THEM UP!!! hehehe

Lindsey Graham says vote on impeachment won't matter anyway

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced Monday that on Thursday the House would hold an impeachment vote. Some say it was about calling President Donald Trump’s bluff demanding he get an official vote.

It’s a complicated demand because the poll numbers are turning toward support for impeachment and Republicans are starting to get nervous. Graham thinks it’s a waste of time.

“A vote now is a bit like un-ringing a bell as House Democrats have selectively leaked information in order to damage President Trump for weeks,” he said in a statement.

He also said that it’s obvious his bill to attack Democrats for the impeachment inquiry was what fueled their action.


Heh. Of course it won't...*rolls eyes*
We all know what Lindsey thinks about impeachment...

He is a joker

HUGE: North Carolina congressional maps ordered to be redrawn for 2020 election.


New maps won’t be appealed to SCOTUS; the ruling was made in state court and the new maps will be final.

Republicans currently hold 10 out of 13 seats in what is arguably the most gerrymandered congressional map in the nation. That’s about to change.

Bloody marvellous

DNA evidence suggests ALL modern humans evolved from ancestors who lived in a wetland in Botswana...

...200,000 years ago

Researchers think they have, for the first time, discovered the 'cradle of humanity' where the first modern humans evolved before spreading across the globe.

They are believed to have flourished in the prehistoric Makgadikgadi–Okavango wetland, just to the south of the Zambezi River.

A study of DNA records and migration patterns has proven, scientists say, that the genetic root of all modern humans comes from that region 200,000 years ago.


How amazing - apparently they hung out there for 70,000 years before migrating...I mean we knew we all came from the same folks way back when but to have it located this specifically is so interesting...

They are all so bloody whiny...

Do you think our politicians have any idea how bloody whiny they sound... pointing the finger at their opponents and 'wah, wah, wah, it is all their fault, I do not trust them, they are mean, they are the enemies of the people, it is not our fault, we wanted to talk but they didn't, they need to accommodate our position on X, Y, Z before we will move an inch'
Everyone is at it. I have listened to all the political podcasts over the weekend and the only thing any of them have to say is it is not their fault, they are the grown ups in the room, everyone needs to compromise with their plan, even when they don't really have a plan at all...

It is so dispiriting. With this rabble leading the way there will never be an end to this Brexit nasty.
On the bright side with a new 3 month extension, anything could happen.. personally I would give my left arm for the outcome of the general election, lib dem becoming the official opposition (cannot win, not possible), coalition with SNP, revoke article 50. Nightmare over. One can dream

Morning Joe & Mika blasted for fretting about 'lock him up' chant aimed at Trump:'Take your scolding

...and shove it'

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were dismayed by the “lock him up” chants that greeted President Donald Trump at the World Series — and social media users didn’t want to hear it.

The “Morning Joe” co-hosts found the boos and chants “un-American” and even “fascist,” although they blamed the president for injecting that vitriol into the political atmosphere.

Joe and Mika, did you have the same outrage when Tea Partiers and future MAGATS said horrible things about President Obama and his family? Hung dolls of him in effigy? Did you defend Hillary Clinton like this? Trump deserves every boo, every chant EVER. How dare you?! #MorningJoe

Is this the bit where the MSM narrative tells the fans off for being uncivilised?But when @ a Trump rally the fan shouting lock her up is demonstrating passion... Heh. Trump has to get his base ginned up to start the chanting, last night was spontaneous...but fascist?!?!
Fuck right off...

[he] "spent his last moments in utter fear... terrified of the American forces bearing down on him."

They are coming for him, and his enablers, like rats trapped in a tunnel... What he takes down with him is still a concern, which is why the need to LOCK HIM UP! hehe

I heard Trump was met with boos at the World Series. Let's see how Obama is greeted by crowds.


I heard Trump was met with boos at the World Series.

Let’s see how Obama is greeted by crowds.


But Trump had the best boos...

Well, this explains the Trump Cultist perfectly...

We all know that the Trump stratagem is torrid mix of the Handmaids Tale, Mein kampf, The Doctrine of Fascism, and the principles of the KKK. Yuck.

Full Nazi submission is required...

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