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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 8,155

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Liberalism is becoming fascism 'cause ...

Listening to the radio this morning and the main topic for discussion was a teacher in Northern Ireland who put a display on a school notice board calling the day that abortions were decriminalised, and gay marriage was legalised the ‘darkest day’. Because this is Northern Ireland, which is further right in some respects than the bible belt in America, the reaction was mixed but mostly a shrug, because why shouldn’t she be allowed to express her views etc etc …not surprising really. But completely wrong. Since when was it OK for a teacher to push their religious beliefs on children? It is complete and utter nonsense. But the icing on the cake was the religious right phoning in and the common theme was liberalism is becoming fascism ‘cause we will not tolerate the far right freedom of speech to speak hatred (or as they put it, be anti-progressive)? Heh.

Dorothy we are not in Kansas anymore… seems like we are coming up beside the far-right Christo-fascist movements in the USA who do false equivalency oh so very well.


'The highest of high crimes' Rudy Giuliani accidentally blows up Trump's defense against impeachment

But on Wednesday night, he returned to Twitter with a bang. He tried to defend his role in the Ukraine scandal, which has been called a “shadow foreign policy” and an “irregular, informal channel”:
But while Giuliani’s new version of events may help him if he wants to make a claim of attorney-client privilege, it actually makes Trump’s role in the scheme look even more damning than it already is. Legal experts argued that it only strengthened the case for impeachment.

“This merely confirms what was so outrageous: Giuliani wasn’t a representative or employee of the United States; his duty of loyalty was 100% to his (personal capacity) client. And yet Trump told Ukraine it had to dance to Rudy’s tune,” said Marty Lederman, a law professor at Georgetown University Law Professor. “[A] a tune *designed to advance Trump’s personal interests*–in order to remain in the U.S.’s good graces (e.g., to secure access, aid, etc.). This is the highest of high crimes–using the leverage of his position as chief diplomat to advance his own interests.”
CNN legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Elie Honig concurred, tweeting to Giuliani: “You just admitted you acted solely (‘everything I did’) in the personal and political interests of Donald Trump when dealing with Ukraine, not the national interests of the United States. Lawyer up – for your client’s sake, if not for your own.”


Got to love when old men who have done very bad things cannot shut up... they are so used to getting their way in their privilege that they only understand talking bollocks and having people take it on face value... not so much today Rudy...

A gaggle of the electorate venerates the puerile. This is a problem.

Politicians talking about ‘gut feeling’ decision making and ‘telling it how it is’ gets a high five from certain constituencies. The expert is the new ‘elite’ trying to fool people by analysing information and data and making fact-based decisions. What a bloody outrage they cry as they are faced with the facts.

You can’t fool us cries the fool, little realising how much they have been fooled already.

Charlatan leaders and their enablers fooling the fools, being sold a pup of the sunny uplands of Unicorns and rainbows that exist only within the rarefied atmosphere of white rich (mega rich) male privilege. No pots of gold at the end of the rainbow for anyone else, only fool’s gold for the foolish that have fallen for the bombastic rhetoric of our leaders. This is a problem.

On course for a General Election, this strategy could almost write itself...

Based on the votes that took place yesterday - yes to the second reading of the Boris Brexit deal (thanks to some Labour support) but no to the limited time frame with which the Tories wanted to push the deal through to prevent proper scrutiny (which will lead to a further extension to the Brexit leave date), must suggest that the UK may well have a pre-Christmas General Election.

Some strategies for winning literally write themselves…

Conservatives – Jeremy Corbyn has blocked the Brexit that MPs voted for, if it were not for Labour we would have left on the 31st October, Labour BLOCKED Brexit. Vote for us for Brexit.

Liberal Democrats – Jeremy Corbyn bailed out the Boris deal, Brexit is only happening because of Labour votes, if we leave the EU, Labour PUSHED THROUGH Brexit. Vote for us to Remain.

Labour – uuhhmm, oh shit.


Strange Fruit 2019

From today’s Sydney Morning Herald

strange fruit #trump @FinancialReview #LynchingLindsey


Brilliant and horrifying

SC-Sen: Susan Rice On Pod Save America, "Lindsey Graham (R) Is A Piece Of S@#$"

“You have to understand Benghazi to understand [President] Trump,” Rhodes said during a preview of the episode posted on Twitter.

“Right, because Lindsey Graham isn’t just a piece of shit now,” Tommy Vietor, another host and former Obama adviser, replied.

“He’s been a piece of shit,” Rice interjected. “I said it. I said it, dammit. Finally. He’s a piece of shit.”



Boom!!!! Freedom from office must be a glorious thing when you have had to put up with aresholes like this lying about you and questioning your competence because they are in fact, pieces of shit.

Using the death of 39 people in Essex for Brexit purposes in 3..2..1...

RIP those victims of the overall lorry people smuggling operation which led to the death of 39.

As we have a Prime Minister that used the murder of Jo Cox to justify a hard Brexit the fact that these poor victims where smuggled through Wales - which means they must have gone through Ireland - to the mainland will be music to this Tory Administrations ears. What a way to justify a wet border, stop people smuggling across the Islands
If only Brexit had already happened something like this would have been stopped.. It is not that they would have wished this happen, of course not, but as it has... hhhmmmm
Boris and Pritti say they are shocked and saddened so we should probably give them an hour before they start using this incident for political purposes .. because they are literally that vile.

Britain was built on the backs of slaves. A memorial is the least they deserve

As I and others have argued before, one reason that British people feel complacent about Britain’s role in pioneering slavery, and the racism that underpinned it, is that it happened slightly farther away. The Caribbean is Britain’s own Deep South, where enslavement and segregation as brutal as anything that existed on American soil took place at the hands of British people. And that distance facilitates denial.

If there is one useful thing we can all do this Black History Month, it is to bridge that distance. And that raises the question: why is there no memorial to enslaved Africans, on whose backs Britain was built, on British soil?

It’s true that the country’s treatment of people descended from this history could not be more shameful. From the institutionalised racism they experienced fighting for Britain in both world wars, to the attempts to deport members of the Windrush generation just last year, they have endured the worst of what Britain has had to offer.

But this campaign is not requesting a favour for a marginal section of society. The history of how we came to be this nation is a history for us all. If we can’t dignify it with a simple memorial, one whose location, design, importance and even planning permission have already been established, then we really have lost the plot.


We are very good as a nation at brushing this under the carpet. They deserve more than just a memorial, but this is a far right government that only does things that keep them in power and stats show in the crudest sense that black people do not vote for Tories... simples.

And as one commentator at the end of the article put so well: Cue a billion posts explaining how the fact that the empire abolished slavery is sufficient reason never too talk about the rest, or to consider the empire justified. There will also be plenty of self justification (it was a better empire than others) and whataboutery (it was other black people what done it), and a sheer bloody-minded refusal to recognise the specific slavery (which does not need to be the worst ever, the only or eternal to merit memorial) in question.

As a child of the troubles I see them returning

There is nothing more ironic than the situation that the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland finds itself in. They are the Northern Irish party of Brexit, because they saw the ever closer cross border cooperation between the North and the South as a danger, and as THE party of the Union, they saw Brexit as a way to distance the North from the South. This is not what happened of course, they were thrown under the lying Boris bus and there will be a wet border in the Irish sea, creating even closer union on the Ireland of Ireland and treating Northern Ireland distinctly differently from the rest of the UK.

To say the Unionist are angry is somewhat like saying God was slightly pissed when he sent the floods. They have been hung by their own petard. BUT, in the country of my birth, people do not walk away when they have been had over. They do the opposite. They go in hard and they do it without any thought for the final consequences. It is who we are, it is our national psyche, it is why we had the troubles for so long. We live in our history, not in the present and not in the future.

And the loyalists are pissed. They are really really pissed. The loyalist community is the community who grew all the protestant terrorist groups in the troubles. They are not just unionists, there are many of those who would never dream of violence, loyalists are a different kettle of fish. Their blood runs red white and blue and Norn Iron and the Union for ever. There are current proscribed organisations in this community who still exist as ‘community organisations.’ And as I said, they are pissed.

The one problem they may have is that their 'effectiveness' in the troubles was in many ways directed by the security forces, that will not happen this time. But with the Real IRA rattling their border drums with increasing acts of violence and the loyalist community at boiling point… 3…2…1 to the likelihood of the troubles shit hitting the fan, again.

The new MAGA circa Oct. 2019

Original images by donkeyhotey

Soooooo much bigly law breaking...
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