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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Never mind pushed, they were shoved, kicked, punched and forced...

...into poverty, by the blatant deliberate administrations attempt to ignore Covid to save the economy and ergo savaging the economy, while killing 100000's of the most vulnerable. Hillary is one the right track of course, but pushed my arse, it was MUCH more forceful than a push, and they do not care.

First day at work in over a year and I am buzzing

I left the house @ 0730, got back @ 1830 and in between kicked glorious arse in my own unique fashion. Meetings back to back and have just finished doing contract financial profiles @ 2230. I am on my knees with exhaustion, and it feels brilliant. It is so amazing how quickly your brain grows - after a period of stagnation - to where it needs to be when you need to make instant recommendations on your areas of expertise. My Chin is up chaps! Hurrah!!!

So, a question for the ages, what do I wear for my first day in the office tomorrow?

New job starts tomorrow and I have wardrobe conflictions. It looks like the COO does full on corporate. But everyone else is semi formal. I have the choice of suit dress and jacket, or trousers, professional top and a more relaxed Ralph Lauren jacket. I need to get everyone's buy in because I am about to shake up their world, so being too pins and stripes might get create barriers. On the other hand my COO is my COO. I think I might be over thinking this.

It is always the women's fault with this lot...

Of course, she would do this. Her lived life is being subservient to and controlled by men. The narrative of her life is about punishing women for having & enjoying sex outside the ‘pure’ ‘biblical’ construct. I am very sure that the fact that this young lady found herself in jail means that in the mind of this horror story she was ‘asking for it’, or complicit in the attacks – you know in the same way these types think if you are wearing a mini skirt and get raped it is your fault for flaunting yourself? Same thing here, if she had not made life choices that led her to being locked up, she would not have exposed herself to potential harm from her rapist. Ergo it is her own fault. It is always the women’s fault with this lot, whatever the situation or circumstance, the white patriarchal power structure is entrenched in their mind set.

...and when you are registered they let you do it...

There is a white supremacist mindset in some that is forever lost to humanity and reason

Graphic mine

You cannot reason with these base individuals who revel in the subjugation of other cause it makes them feel powerful in their own shitty little world. It is nearly 2021 and trying to convince racists and none allies if black people to change their ways should be so last century. That it is what makes Nate's point all the more brutal.

Because they are uniquely American fascists, over 218000 dead to date

Graphic mine

Exactly this. They demand that people risk their lives everyday to fuel an economy that is currently only benefiting a few at the very top. Very definitely another marker of fascism coming out the White House, alongside all the others. They are willing to sacrifice the lives of the many to protect their privilege. Period.

Can someone let QAnon Barbie know that they are the very definition of the Swamp.

They are literally sitting/squatting in the most powerful office in the world, but they are victim…

Everyone is against them. EVERYONE. Only the working man and women are for them… have they even noticed the unemployment rates? What working men and women would they be talking about? The ones that have lost their jobs, or have had to take reduced hours, or the ones in low paid roles who have had to risk their lives everyday during a pandemic to serve pampered spoiled brats who want to ignore all sensible precautions in this time of Covid? Maybe she is talking about the meat plant workers across America who have been ravaged by Covid? Or healthcare workers driven to their knees with exhaustion? Maybe she is talking about the workers in the White House who have had to put up with all of these nasty insiders risk their health on a daily basis? What do you reckon? Heh.

Everyone is against them for very good reasons, including many who work for a living… Everyone is against them because they are not only a public health risk to the entire country, they are a pack of lying, grifting shit bags who are wholly incompetent and have brought ruin to many a life, with their reckless and cruel behaviour. But no, it must be the deep state and China coming for them...👀

All of these enablers of the swamp monster must be shitting themselves about what comes next for them. Even if they avoid prosecution for all of the nasty being associated with such a toxic brand is professional suicide and blaming it on deep state won't help pay the bills.

Flip Flop

With this lying shower in charge of it it was always going to be a shower. Empire wannabees thought that the EU would roll over - and they would rather see a no deal and let people suffer, rather than admit that we are a spent power on a small rock.

Boris Johnson says UK should prepare for a no-deal Brexit and 'Australia-style' future

Source: The Guardian

And given that they have refused to negotiate seriously for much of the last few months and given that this summit appears explicitly to rule out a Canada-style deal, I’ve concluded that we should get ready for 1 January with arrangements that are more like Australia’s, based on simple principles of global free trade.

And we can do it because we always knew that there would be change on 1 January whatever type of relationship we had.

And so now is the time for our businesses to get ready and for our hauliers to get ready, for travellers to get ready.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2020/oct/16/uk-coronavirus-live-boris-johnson-local-restrictions-lockdown-tier-2-covid-brexit-latest-updates

There is no such thing as an Australian deal. What they mean is no deal. The issue now is does he actually mean it or is he trying to bounce the EU into softening their position. It won't work. So 4 years after the referendum we will be on WTO trading rules in the middle of a pandemic and the worst recession in 400 years. The people that run the UK are criminal in disregard for our security and the impact that this will have particularly on the most vulnerable.
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